Full List of All Accredited Courses Offered at LASU

Having an idea of the list of accredited courses offered at LASU will greatly benefit you if you are among those who would love to study at one of the universities in Lagos. This is because if you ask prospective university students where they would like to go to school, Many of them reply with the answer, “Lagos!”. 


Lagos is regarded as Nigeria’s commercial capital, majorly because of the beehive of activities that happen there, so it is understandable when undergraduates want to be right in the thick of major happenings.

The good thing is that there are many universities in Lagos State that you can select from. To top it all, these universities aren’t there just to make up the numbers. So, studying any of the accredited courses offered at LASU is a big win for any career prospect.

You might have wondered what LASU means, LASU is also known as Lagos State University and it is located in the Ojo area and was founded in 1983. For a state government-owned university, the standard of education is so high here that even some so-called federal universities, believed to be better, can’t match up to them. They run both full-time and part-time programs on the diploma degree and postgraduate programs with master’s inclusive.

Lagos State University has four campuses scattered around Epe, Ikeja, and Surulere, with the main campus at Ojo. The Epe campus doubles as a residential building and a place for the engineering faculty. The list of accredited courses offered at LASU is all approved by the National Universities Council (NUC).

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List of Accredited Courses Offered at LASU

We would reel out the list of accredited courses offered at LASU according to the faculties in the university.

Faculty of Arts

European Languages (French)

European Languages (Russian)

English Language


English Literature

Linguistics, African and Asian



Creative Arts (Visual Arts)

Creative Arts (Theatre Arts)


Creative Arts (Music)

Faculty of Social Sciences


Mass Communication and Journalism

Political Science

Social Work



Public and International Affairs

Transportation Planning and Management

Faculty of Business Administration

Business Administration

Industrial Relations and Personnel Management





Faculty of Law


The following specialties are available at LASU:

Jurisprudence and International Law

Commercial and Industrial law

Public Law

Islamic Law

Private and Property Law

Legal Studies

School of Clinical Studies

Medicine and Surgery


School of Basic Medical Sciences



Faculty of Education

Guidance and Counseling

Adult Education

Adult Education Management

Adult Literacy and Non-formal Education

Mathematics Education

Physics Education

Biology Education

Chemistry Education

Integrated Science Education

Social Studies Education

Geography Education

History Education

Human Kinetics and Health Education

Exercise Physiology

Sports Administration/Management

Home Economics Education

Technology Education

Business Education

English Education

English Literature education

French Education

Yoruba Education

Christian Religious Studies

Islamic Studies Education

Religion Education

Music Education

Curriculum Theory

Educational administration and Planning

Educational Psychology

Philosophy of Education

Sociology of Education

Faculty of Engineering

Chemical and Polymer Engineering

Electronic and Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Sciences

Mathematics and Statistics



Computer Science





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Fisheries Sciences


Choosing to study any of the listed accredited courses offered at LASU will do you a world of good, especially if you are seeking gainful employment and wouldn’t want your application letter to be lost in the sea of the other applications employers have to deal with on a daily.

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