Best Aviation Schools in Abuja: Fees and Location

Your follow-up step would always be to look out for some of the best aviation schools in Abuja especially when you have resolved first to become a renowned pilot and then, of course, to study in the city of Abuja. To be candid, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting the best aviation schools in Abuja.


Nonetheless, this article would serve as a guide to making that informed decision you would proud of in your pilot career. And just so you know, most courses are said to be worth at most eight million Naira.

You can now understand why pilot training is scarcely done. The expenses obviously cost an arm and a leg that only the elite or those who are lucky to be awarded scholarships can afford it.

Also, it is worthy of note that the controlling body in Nigeria, FAA confers a private license to students who have finished at least forty hours of pilot training and a thousand and five hundred hours of flight time in any of the best aviation schools in Abuja.

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Top Best Aviation Schools in Abuja You Should Consider

In this compiled list, any of the schools that make it to the best aviation schools in Abuja just believe it is right on the money. This list also includes the course description, courses, and contact information. Let’s get down to business already, shall we?

International Institute of Aviation and Shipping Technology, Nigeria.

This particular school is one of the well sought-after best aviation schools in Abuja. They offer a wide variety of aviation courses that you wouldn’t want to miss out on as someone who is building a pilot career or even seeking to obtain a pilot license.

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Some of these courses are airport operations, air traffic management, aviation management and administration, and a host of others.

Being one of the best aviation schools in Abuja, you could contact them through their address at Suite C, Vina Wing Banex Plaza, Wuse Zone 2, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.


You could call them via any of the numbers: 08038588516 or 07032590317 or even a mail could be sent through [email protected]. For a full complement of the courses offered, you should log on to their website on

In the meantime, below are some of the programs that are available at the school and their respective prices.

Shipping and Logistics Management = N100,000

Ticketing and Reservations = N 200,000

Aviation Safety and the Environment = N 120,000 to N 200,000

Transport and Logistics Management = N 100,000


Management of Shipping and Petroleum = N 120,000

Aviation World and Airline Traffic Operations = N 100,000

Mish Aviation Flying School

If you are searching for one of the best aviation schools in Abuja, then, Mish Aviation Flying School is such a good option. They offer a good number of aviation courses ranging from aviation personnel to domestic schedule operations that make for good pilot training. 

Mish Aviation Flying School is also affiliated with Ghana’s Mish Aviation Flying School. Over the course of the years since their inception, their brilliance in producing the best of pilots has shown through.

For anyone who intends to enroll in any of their training programs, their address is Block 4, Flat 1, Gwaram Close, Off Abakaliki Street, Garki Area 3, Abuja FCT. And, if you would prefer to reach through their phone numbers, 07043371122 is the number to place a call.

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You could also send them a mail through this email address: [email protected] and possibly if you wish, you can log on to their website at

College of Aviation and Management Studies

Inarguably, one of the best aviation schools in Abuja, the College of Aviation and Management Studies over the years has gone to become one of the pacesetters in aviation and management training programs for pilots.

They boast of the best instructions and exercises which align with the FAA’s approved guidelines for pilot training and certifications.

The campus can be found at: Suite 209 Chatti Plaza, Sapele Street, Off Samuel Ladoke Akintola Boulevard, Garki Area 2, Abuja FCT, and an annex site that is located at 124, Ojuelegba Road, Ajegunle, Surulere, Lagos. You can also make your inquiries when you call 08034133196. 

Best Aviation Schools in Abuja
Best Aviation Schools in Abuja: Fees and Location

Concept Training College of Aviation

Yet another aviation school that makes it to the list of best aviation schools in Abuja, and understandably so, has to be Concept Training College of Aviation. When it comes to diploma training around subjects such as air navigation, and aviation technology, you can count on them to deliver the best.

You can find them at Suite 17, Block B, Powa Plaza, Nyanya, Abuja, FCT where their address is. At the same time, you dial in any of the two numbers: 08038179788 or 07033928676 and your questions would be attended to.

Midas Flying Training School

To wrap the list of best aviation schools in Abuja is Midas Flying Training School. Their renown for providing the best diploma courses in aviation management has spread even beyond the Abuja locality.

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They also stand out from the other best aviation schools in Abuja which got mentioned here because they offer consultation services in addition to their training programs.

They can be found on the Fifth Floor of NACRDB Plaza in Abuja’s Central Business District. You could also reach them through this phone number: 08034523944

Why the Choice of Aviation Schools?

Generally, the idea most people have regarding aviation schools is that are specific for pilot training, whilst that is true, it isn’t entirely true. Some of the best aviation schools in Abuja do a lot much more than that, some offer courses in air traffic control and aircraft engineering. 

However, if you must have a smooth transition to a successful career in aviation whether you would become a pilot or not, having a degree from any of these aviation schools is a good way to start. With a bachelor’s degree in aviation, you can go in for much bigger careers that exist in aviation. 

Perhaps, if you do attend any of the listed best aviation schools in Abuja, your chances of getting that certification needed to become a pilot if you wish to narrow your focus are relatively easier.

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The childhood dream of many definitely was to fly airplanes, helicopters, and all of that, but, there is no way that dream can come to pass if you don’t attend any aviation schools.

Despite the heavy cost that comes with completing a study at any aviation school, the remuneration is very encouraging.

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