Best Cloud Computing Courses with Certifications

With the evolution of the Information Technology age, it has become a matter of great importance to own skills in any cloud computing courses especially if you are a program developer. You just can’t wriggle yourself out of cloud computing because one of the many reasons is that many IT companies are taking giant strides in taking all of their systems to the Cloud.

At this point, you certainly wondering what a Cloud really is. What really about is getting many talking all day about it? Let’s get to find out. Cloud despite having different meanings to different people, in the world of Digital and Information Technology, a Cloud is a vast array of services that assist in the optimal operation of any application. For any application to run, certain services must be in place. The infrastructure as service as they fondly called in a Cloud provides are network, servers, database, storage, and a host of others.

Well, you would be saying to yourself, what exactly is the catch with that whole computing since I can easily purchase network connections, server managers, or even database management systems? The truth is with Cloud Computing, you save yourself the stress, resources, and even time in getting all of these necessary items ready. The whole idea of a Cloud is so you can have much effective and efficient use of your application software.

So, back then, you would have bought all of these networks, and storage systems individually, but, now, you are several clicks away from getting all of these services that must be placed before your computer applications can run.

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Many companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and even Google have their own Cloud, and understandably so.

In this article, we will be listing out the many clouds computing professional courses that are available to assist the techies on how to make the most of this development to their advantage.

Best Cloud Computing Courses with Certifications
Best Cloud Computing Courses with Certifications

5 Best Cloud Computing Courses with Certifications

As we started by understanding what cloud computing is about, we would follow through by putting bare the very best of cloud computing courses any interested person can take to ensure adeptness in cloud computing.

Introduction to Cloud Computing by Amazon Web Services

Outside being very popular, this is a number one stop for anyone starting out on cloud computing. The very basics of all cloud computing courses are clearly spelled out. The important concepts like Infrastructure as Service, and System as Service and all made easy to understand which in the long run would help IT-oriented persons to become much better.

It is not just a personal benefit, taking this course by Amazon surely would enhance the qualifications on your CV and give you a good reckoning in the eyes of your employers as they read your application letter.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Prep Specialization

This particular online cloud computing course was designed by Microsoft. It is a perfect fit to put you on the right path for a great cloud computing career whilst also providing you with the best preparatory materials that can help you ace your Azure Fundamental exam. The course which is certified by Microsoft is a bundle of four courses that provides the requisite information for a great professional career in the cloud.

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Generally, you would love to take this course especially if you are just getting started on the Microsoft Azure suite, even if you are a total newbie to cloud computing, you are also guaranteed to have all you need to chart this unknown territory. You can find this course on Coursera.

Getting Started with Cloud Computing – Level 1 

If you are a beginner when it comes to Cloud Computing courses, this particular cloud computing course on Udemy would be very helpful. In there, the basic knowledge of what cloud computing is all about and even the important features of cloud computing are clearly explained.

On top of all this, you also are afforded the golden opportunity to learn the clear benefits of cloud services like the ones created by Amazon, Microsoft, or even Google. Generally, if you have almost zero ideas on cloud computing, you should jump on this. 

Cloud Computing Concepts

If there is an online course that really stands out in cloud computing, it just has to be this one by Coursera. It is an excellent creation for anyone who wishes to know the basics of the cloud. The instructor by the way Indranil Gupta is such a brilliant teacher and his methods of passing the knowledge across are top-notch.

In addition, his exams are so excellent that you are sure to keep all you learned if you take them. It even gets interesting as the course is part of the prerequisite for the total online Masters’s degree course in Computer Science at the University of Illinois, United States. This means if you join the college in a later year to study Computer Science, it would count.

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Amazon Web Service Fundamentals Specialization 

Lost on any Coursera courses you could just lay your hands on and learn this highly talked about cloud computing? Well, AWS Fundamentals Specialization was made just for you. This program created by Coursera gives a complete outline of the characteristics, advantages, and abilities of Amazon Web Services.

It is a bundle of four courses and in them, you get the chance to try out the class works designed by Amazon Web professionals. It is been touted as the best for learning Cloud Computing under the Amazon Web Service. 


There you go, five of the best online cloud computing courses to take classes on if you wish to master the skill of cloud computing. It is high time that programmers or any IT professional took this new development in software technology seriously and update themselves on cloud computing which is set to change the face of Information Technology.

Having a strong knowledge base of these cloud technologies, like Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Service puts you in a better place during job placement. This is because many IT-oriented companies are in the know of this and are seeking to hire only professionals who are adept in cloud computing.

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