5 Top Best Online Learning Platforms in Nigeria

What are the Best Online Learning Platforms in Nigeria currently? Online learning platforms turn out to be the rave of the moment these days and many schools in Nigeria and other countries with the best education system sure have joined the bandwagon of the recent development in the educational world. The pandemic that befell us gave the many stakeholders a fresh perspective away from the conventional how learning could possibly be.

Long before now, very few would have appreciated the idea of learning outside the four walls of the school environment, citing distractions and resource consumption, especially with data and internet connectivity.

So, we have seen a spike in the number of applications and even software programs solely dedicated to academic knowledge all thanks to the efficiency, convenience, and many more that these e-learning platforms give which many people are beginning to see.

In Nigeria, there are quite a good number of electronic learning options that you can use any of the cheapest WiFi devices for homes and other interested stakeholders could equally latch on. What’s more is that syllabuses, course materials, and even possibly quizzes and tests can all be accessed fully through these platforms.

Best Online Learning Platforms in Nigeria

Online Learning Platforms in Nigeria
Online Learning Platforms in Nigeria

The National Open University of Nigeria

Fondly known as NOUN, this university is one of the very few that offer a full-time online learning option. This means that if you have a job that is quite demanding or in any situation at all that keeps you from the regular onsite schooling, this institution can help you bag that degree in what is known as distance learning.

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These degrees are highly recognizable ranging from a bachelor’s and even to a master’s. The Federal Ministry of Education approves of NOUN and it has branches scattered abroad in Nigeria. Students are required to download every relevant course material on the website.


If you know SkoolMedia, you most probably would have heard of Edufirst.ng, this is because they are all of the same company. Edufirst.ng, however, makes available IT solutions to schools that need them.

Some of these IT solutions are building and maintenance of computer laboratories especially in unity schools whilst also ensuring the staff involved are well-grounded on how to use the computer systems. Edufirst.ng is one of the private online learning platforms in Nigeria that also offers some online courses. 


Online learning platforms in Nigeria aren’t only just student-focused, every stakeholder like the school administrator is also carried along. This is where Learning Management System is also known as LMS comes in handy.

Learning Management Systems provide school administrators and owners with very useful tools for compiling students’ and teachers’ data and of course, availing online courses too.

Flexisaf is your typical Learning Management System. And even more distinctly, they provide what is known as an SRMS, which primarily serves to help students make and monitor deposits and payments for their school fees.


Another popular e-learning platform in Nigeria has to be Gopius. Gopius is another type of LMS that you can actually modify specifically to your primary, secondary, or tertiary institution.

Like the other Learning Management Systems, Gopius has tools that essentially help every stakeholder have a seamless learning and management experience. It must be said that Gopius provides not just the regular tools but video, images, and even sound tools making the e-learning platform much more relatable.

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Are you looking for a job as a primary or even a secondary tutor? Or you are searching intently for a platform where you could get the best of the best teachers for your children or wards so that they can improve their grades? Well, for any of the categories, Superprof.ng brings you both together.

In this sense, it isn’t your regular e-learning platform. However, if you choose to look at it in this way that your children have access to tutors who can get them to be better at whatever subjects they are struggling with, then it is a one-of-a-kind learning platform. All you need is a good web camera and a stable internet connection.

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