20 Courses You Can Study Without Mathematics in Nigerian Universities

What are the Courses You Can Study Without Mathematics? Mathematics ranks as the most dreadful subject for students especially when they are made to understand the fact that as one of the requirements to enter a university, you must certainly have at least a pass in WASSCE and if the course you put in deems mathematics as a prerequisite in your UTME, you are left with no option than to get a good score so that your chances to landing your dream course can be a reality even without mathematics.

However, if the worst finally happens, you can try out some other course. By the worst, I mean even a D7, E8, or even F9 can get you an admission into some federal institutions in the country.

So, if are in the category of those who have no love for mathematics for one reason or the other, which could be a poor tutor, psychological challenges, and all whatnot, here is a safe haven for you.

Courses You Can Study Without Mathematics
Courses You Can Study Without Mathematics

Courses You Can Study Without Mathematics in Nigerian Universities

Below is the list of courses that you can do without mathematics before you are offered admission to any private or public tertiary institution in Nigeria :

Political Science
Islamic Studies
Social Studies
Christian Theology
Mass Communication
Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
French and International Relations
Criminology and Security Studies
Igbo Language
English Language
Yoruba Language
Hausa Language

Other Courses That You Can Study Without Mathematics

It is still worthy to note that certain courses also do not holistically require mathematics, that is, the very tedious calculations mathematics is characterized by are not in high demand in these courses of study.

Notwithstanding, this list of courses offered that will be listed below consider mathematics as a core requirement and you will be expected to have even at least a D7 to be admitted for these courses. They include:

Veterinary Medicine

With this, you can study at least twenty courses in most of the Nigerian universities both public and private with as poor as a D7 in mathematics.

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