How to Improve Your Communication Skills

If you lack communication skills, you will find our discourse in this informative piece on How to Vastly Improve Your Communication Skills in 10 Minutes a great help. That is because communication is key in every human endeavor and relationship.


It is the way of conveying a message, or feeling, and describing something with the people around them. If you are desirous to enhance your communication skills in 10 minutes, continue to read to the end.

How to Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication helps us to connect with other people, but importantly how effective is that communication? To help you communicate better, we will be showing you the different methods to communicate effectively to affect other people.

To this end, we have provided you with a few tips on How to Vastly Improve Your Communication Skills in 10 Minutes as highlighted below.

  1. Focus on Quality
  2. Emphasize Your Speech with Pauses
  3. Pick Topics That Can Be Branched
  4. Don’t Ask Too Many Questions
  5. Use Statements Instead of Questions

Focus on Quality

The quality of your communication is very important. When communicating, you should try to speak with surety rather than use words that will make your communication ambiguous and lengthy than brief and understandable.

Also, when you focus on quality communication, you will be able to speak in clear terms and straight to the point which will earn you a lot of respect from the other person.

Make use of Pauses During the Speech

Another method you can employ as we unveil How to Vastly Improve Your Communication Skills in 10 Minutes is to make use of pauses during your speech. You will be in a chattering box when you speak without break and your listener will find it hard to understand every word you say.

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Making use of pauses during communication, be it oral or written because it depicts the different parts of the message and helps deliver a much more powerful communication. More so, the use of pauses is very effective and can emphasize different parts of the message.

Importantly, the effective use of pauses will help you have infinite conversations with different kinds of people.


Pick Topics that can be Branched

One of the reasons why communication is slow and ends abruptly is because of a lack of things to talk about or topics to discuss.

Picking topics that can be branched is a good way of communicating. This will help you to communicate for longer hours than you know. Making use of this technique will help you improve your communication skills in 10 minutes. More so, it is most effective in face-to-face communication.

More so, you will become a chatty box and never run out of things to say. by so doing, you will be able to get as much information as you need from a listener even if they are unwilling to disclose such information to you.

When you master the art of using branched topics, you will be able to communicate for a very long time than anticipated. As such, when you have the opportunity to speak to someone or a group of people, employ the use of branch topics and choose one that you’re interested in talking about.

However, don’t make the discussion a monologue, rather give the other party room to contribute about any of the multiple topics you raised as well.

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Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

As we continue to educate you on How to Vastly Improve Your Communication Skills in 10 Minutes, we also deemed it important to include this clue which is not asking too many questions.


Many people make this mistake when they have the opportunity of meeting new people. Rather than having a conversation, they turn it into an interview, which can make the other person uncomfortable.

Learn not to bombard the other person with question after question because it makes conversation to be lopsided. More so, when you ask too many questions, you won’t be able to share any information about yourself because all you’ve been doing is demanding information from the other person which will be perceived to be creepy.

The essence of communication is the mutual sharing of information and also to converse with one another as well as to build a connection of mutual understanding.

Use Statements Instead of Questions

The final step to help you build your communication skills in 10 minutes is the use of statements instead of questions. This is a better option than number 4 above. That is because when you make statements, instead of using a question, you share information about yourself.

That is not to say you can’t ask questions, but it shouldn’t be excessive, rather the use of statements should be the majority of your conversations.

You must know that statements help you to share a lot of information about yourself; likewise, they provide you with varieties of topics that you can branch off into and then create a sense of creativity and spontaneousness to the conversation which both you and the listener will enjoy. Your conversation will be longer and more interesting than when asking too many questions.

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There you have the needed tips on How to Vastly Improve Your Communication Skills in 10 Minutes. Importantly, communication skills can be learned and enhanced by frequent practice.

So, with these 5 important tips, you can go out there and rapport with anyone regardless of their status, class, or persona.

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