NYSC Checklist: Important Things To Take To Camp

NYSC Checklist: Important Things To Take To Camp

Don’t miss out on this complete NYSC Checklist. What could be sadder than going to the NYSC orientation camp without taking all the necessary things and documents with you?

Most especially, if you’ll be serving at a very far distance from your home.

So if you’ll be going to your NYSC very soon, it is important you take notice of the following things you will need when you get to the camp.

Remember, the NYSC orientation camp alone lasts for 3 weeks, thus, as a prospective corps member, it is in your own interest you arrive at the camp well-prepared.

NYSC Checklist: Important Things To Take To Camp

1. NYSC Call-up Letter

NYSC call-ups letter is one of the most documents you need to take along with you while going to camp. Without it, you’ll not be allowed to enter the camp.

So make sure you have it in your care before setting out for camp. Check again and again to confirm that you have it with you.

2. School Identity Card

You will need to go with your school identity card if you don’t want to have any problems while doing your registration.

3. Statements of the Result

The original and at least six photocopies of your statements of result will be needed to finish your registration in the camp.

It is also an important document that you need to tender before you’ll be allowed to enter the NYSC orientation camp.

4. Passport Photographs

You’ll need nothing less than 20 passports at the NYSC camp. Although there will be photographers in the camp, it is always advisable you have them with you in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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5. Certificates and/or Licenses

As a graduate of professional courses like Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, and the like, it is mandatory you go to the NYSC camp with your professional certificates or licenses.

Such will be one of the elements to confirm your originality as to the fact that you are a certified person in your course of study.

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6. Medical Certificate of Fitness

In the same vein, it is expected of you to have a medical certificate from any government or military hospital stating your health status.

However, be enlightened that other than the compulsory documents or items listed above, there are still some other things needed for the NYSC orientation camp.

Equally, you can get these items to be listed at the NYSC orientation camp just that their prices are usually cost than the market price.

Whatever the choice you’ve chosen, be informed that you’ll need all the following items for your own convenience at the camp.

NYSC Checklist: Other important things needed for the orientation camp

  • File jackets;
  • Stationery;
  • White round-neck T-shirts;
  • White shorts and socks;
  • White tennis or sneakers;
  • Underwear;
  • Padlocks;
  • Toiletries;
  • Towels;
  • Treated mosquito net;
  • Money and ATM cards;
  • Waist pouch;
  • Flashlight or rechargeable lamps;
  • Phone charger or power bank;
  • Provisions (beverages or cereals);
  • Bucket;
  • Bedding (items like bed sheets, pillows, pillowcases, wrappers, or blankets);
  • Dish set (like food flask, drinking cup or flask, spoon, and the like).

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The above listed are necessary things needed for your NYSC orientation camp convenience.

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