Top Popular Cult Groups In Nigerian Universities And Symbols

Top Popular Cult Groups In Nigerian Universities And Symbols

The milieu of the educational system, undeniably, has been shaped by some of the popular cult groups in Nigerian universities in ways these public institutions haven’t been able to recover. First things first, the idea of cultism is a pointer to the power of what unified interest can achieve, albeit in a negative light.

Journeying down memory lane would reveal that the roots of cultism sprung up in the 1930s proving that the phenomenon of cultism in Nigerian universities didn’t just begin in recent times, proving how deeply rooted cultism is in our tertiary institutions.

In view of this, this article would open us up to the popular cult groups in Nigerian universities that over the years have remarkably grown in their influence. In fact, cultism in Nigeria, lays credence to how a group of people could come together and if need be, which always is the case, seek otherworldly help to wreak terror and havoc in a particular territory. 

Even though their evil activities can be seen by everyone, their scheming is most of the time secret making it difficult for them to be uncovered. So, altogether, cultism is a practice by both popular cult groups in Nigerian universities and those who aren’t with a singular aim of asserting their influence in a locality by terror.

List Of Popular Cult Groups In Nigerian Universities And Their Symbols

So, we are set to discover some of the popular cult groups in Nigerian universities and the compilation below would help us achieve just that.

Pyrates Confraternity/National Association of Sea Dogs

Where else could the first popular cult group in Nigerian universities emerge from other than the premier university? The University of Ibadan which was the first university in Nigeria was also the nursery that launched the first popular cult group in Nigerian universities.

In fact, it is with this particular cult group you are left wondering whether cultism is all about violence because Pyrates Confraternity started out with no plans of degenerating into the evil and nefarious activities that characterize some of the popular cult groups in Nigerian universities these days.

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The aim of the Pyrates Confraternity at the time was founded by seven students in 1952  just so that a group of educated and mentally stable individuals would just meet up and bond together. With two bones placed diagonally against each other behind a sword and shield that had a skull, the image was an easy way to identify the Pyrates Confraternity.

The Buccaneers Confraternity/ Association of Sea Lords

The ringleader at the time of this cult group was Bolaji Carew. We can say the Buccaneers Confraternity had some kind of Pyrates heritage because, in 1972, Bolaji Carew was excommunicated from the Pyrates Confraternity, and in that same year, he began this cultist movement.

As the years rolled by, the Buccaneers Confraternity not only became one of the popular cult groups in Nigerian universities but also, offered very strong opposition to the Pyrates Confraternity. The insignia of this cult group consists of a skull with two sword blades by the sides and a bone at the bottom.

The Black Axe/Aye-Axemen

Again, we see through this cult group that cultism didn’t begin with any ulterior motives by the ringleaders. Just like the other two cult groups mentioned earlier, the Black Axe movement began at the University of Benin in 1976 to stand off bad students.

One significant feature of the Black Axe is how brotherhood is greatly emphasized. Members of the sect weren’t allowed to cheat each other and anyone who fell short of this would pay dearly. Their symbol is that of an axe breaking under two black clenched fists. Those who belong to this community are called Aiye, Amigos, or Axemen.

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Supreme Eiye Confraternity/Association of Air Lords

This particular cult group began in Nigeria’s premier university, the University of Ibadan in the year 1965. They would also be known as the Association of Air Lords in some cases. During their meetings, there was always a dark skull with two bones crossed together underneath.

Mafia Confraternity/ The Family Confraternity

Here we have another popular cult group in Nigerian universities that mirrored the Chicago Mafia and was established in 1978 by eight founding members who began operations initially in the University of Ilorin before relocating two years after to the University of Ife (Obafemi Awolowo University).

They would prefer some other times to be called the Mafians or Ciao Children alluding to the fact they believed so strongly in keeping things hushed and of course, having a swell time together.

Kegite Club

Because many of the popular cult groups in Nigerian universities thrive in secrecy, you just would have to include Kegite Club. However, in the strictest sense of the usage of the world, cult, Kegite Club would come off as just one of those social clubs.

Besides, since its inception, hardly any reports come along tracing any violence to them. They might not observe some of the procedures and rites that are obtainable in many of these popular cult groups in Nigerian universities, nonetheless, true brotherhood is discernable among them.

The symbol of the Kegite Club is quite simple. It is just a palm tree that has a calabash next to it.

Two-Two Confraternity/ The Brotherhood of Blood

Yet another dangerous but one of the popular cult groups in Nigerian universities is the Two-Two Confraternity which began at the Enugu State University. It has such a bad reputation for evil and violent activities.

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Maphite Confraternity

Whilst the details pertaining their inception is quite sketchy, word from sources at the time, say they that it was borne out of the heinous clashes in the Ambrose Alli University in Edo state.

Despite the little clarity of their mission and operations, the Green Circuit Confraternity as they are sometimes called is considered not only one of the popular cult groups in Nigerian universities but also, one of the very dangerous ones.

Black Bra Confraternity

As the name suggests, it is a female cult group. It is reported that their initation rituals can be such a sorry sight. You could easily identify their members by their regular dark brown and black wears.

Needless to say that their availability on almost every Nigerian campus is proof that they are one of the popular cult groups in Nigerian universities.

Eternal Fraternal Order Of Legion Consortium/ Dedy Na Debt

There is great deal of evidence to show that this cult group is an offspring from a cult in California. Their operations as a cult group commenced in University of Calabar in 1986 and those who cult members are known as klansmen.

Their symbol goes by the skull of a madman. And, like some of the popular cult groups in Nigerian universities, they pay homage to the spirit god called “ogor”.


We can’t deny the fact that some of the cult groups in Nigerian universities started with the mindset of fostering community and comradeship. How they degenerated into violence is something that leaves many so confused.

Nonetheless, the truth we have is now, is that they are a source of great menace to the university society and they shouldn’t be handled with kid gloves.

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