Top Best Secondary Schools in Rwanda (2024)

Isn’t it surprising that we can talk about the best secondary schools in Rwanda despite the genocide that rocked the East African country? The best secondary schools in Rwanda are of three different types. 

There is the government-owned secondary school, solely-owned private secondary schools, and lastly, private secondary schools supported by the Rwandan government. Among these three, the government-owned secondary schools in Rwanda come out tops.

This assertion is based on the fact that the Rwandan government puts a lot of resources towards the establishment of top-notch learning facilities. In turn, these secondary schools in Rwanda have churned out the best crop of secondary school students.

List of Best Secondary Schools in Rwanda

Let’s cut to the chase already. Below is the list of the best secondary schools in Rwanda.

Best Secondary Schools in Rwanda

White Dove Girls School

You can’t possibly talk about the best secondary schools in Rwanda, and not mention the White Dove Girls School.

It was established in 2013 with the sole aim of bettering the life of a girl child all-round. It is indisputably the best secondary school for the girl child in Rwanda.

International School of Kigali, Rwanda

Based on their academic feats, the International School of Kigali, Rwanda, or ISKR as they are also known barely cuts it as one of the best secondary schools in Rwanda but is the stand-alone best.

With a full and internationally recognized curriculum for children between the ages of 4-18, ISKR has retained its status as the leading secondary school in Rwanda.

Green Hills Academy

Another secondary school that makes it into this list of best secondary schools in Rwanda is Green Hills Academy.

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An international hub for the best students across the board, you certainly can’t look past this school if you intend to give your child or ward the very best of secondary school education.

Wellspring Academy

If you are looking for one of the best secondary schools in Rwanda that has a perfect blend of academic excellence and strong Christian values, then Wellspring Academy is that school.

The school is located in a safe and conducive environment that is just perfect for learning.

Kigali Christian School

Kigali Christian School is a privately owned secondary school run by the youth for Christ Christian group. This school boasts the best teachers and learning environment, solidifying its place as one of the best secondary schools in Rwanda.

FAWE Girls School, Gisozi

This particular school was established in 1989 and since then has grown into one of the best all-girls secondary schools in Rwanda. Certainly, the Rwandan girl child would be better for the creation.

World Mission Secondary School

If there is any secondary school in Rwanda that has drawn the allure of many students across the board, it just has to be the World Mission Secondary School. With quality teachers and excellent learning facilities, you can be certain that the students would be well-disciplined.

St. Ignatius School Rwanda

Hardly, do you find the best secondary schools in Rwanda that are known for outstanding academic performance while still retaining an enviable Christian base.

But, with St. Ignatius School, you have these two features in a perfect blend. They are owned by the Society of Jesus popularly known as Jesuits.

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Institut de Formation Apostolique de Kimihurura (IFIAK)

The private secondary school, IFIAK makes it into the list of best secondary schools in Rwanda. It is located in the Gasabo District of Kigali City.

Founded in the year 1964 with the sole vision of providing a solid education and evangelism to the youths in Rwanda, IFIAK has distinguished itself as one of the best secondary schools in Rwanda where science subjects are taught.


It is amazing to see a country like Rwanda which was rocked by the intense crisis of the 90s still stand strong in one of the major pillars of nation-building, education.

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