List of Universities & Courses that Accepts D7 [O’Level Pass]

Are you a student in the sciences? Is your O’level (WAEC/NECO/GCE) result out yet, but your grade is D7 (O-level pass). and you are thinking there is no course for which you may utilize D7 to study, so you must take another exam. That’s right, this page is just for you. learn the list of Universities & Courses that Accepts D7

You may find universities and courses that accept D7 in English Language, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in this article.

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UTME/DE requirements and UTME/JAMB subject combinations can be found by clicking on the course. If your UTME requirements and subject combinations are incorrect, you will not be able to get into these universities!

JAMB BROCHURE FOR FACULTY OF SCIENCES/AGRICULTURE is the source of our findings. So there’s no need to panic because neither JAMB nor the school would say or do anything else. It’s dependable and accurate!

List of Universities & Courses that Accepts D7 [O’Level Pass]

As a result, below are some of the colleges and programs that take O’levels:

Universities & Courses that Accepts D7 in Physics

Universities that accept the D7 in Physics from O’levels, as well as the courses for which you can utilize the D7.

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, BauchiBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES
Abia State University, UturuBOTANY
Gombe State UniveristyBOTANY
Lagos State University, Ojo (UTME/DE)ZOOLOGY
Ebonyi State University, AbakalikiMICROBIOLOGY
Federal University of Technology MinnaMICROBIOLOGY
Gombe State UniveristyBIOLOGY
Federal University of Technology MinnaBIOLOGY
Federal University, Dutsin-Ma, KatsinaBIOLOGY
University of UyoZOOLOGY

Universities & Courses that Accepts D7 in Biology

List of universities that accept O’Level Pass (D7) in Biology and the courses you can take with a D7 in Biology.

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Federal University of Petroleum Resources, EfurunPHYSICS WITH ELECTRONICS
ModibboAdama University of Technology, YolaCHEMISTRY

Universities & Courses that Accepts D7 in Chemistry

Schools that accept D7 (O’Level Pass in Chemistry) and courses that can be taken with it are listed below.

AdekunleAjasin University, AkungbaAPPLIED PHYSICS

Universities & Courses that Accepts D7 in Mathematics

Provides a list of colleges and universities that accept the D7 mathematics diploma and the courses for which it can be used.

University of Nigeria NsukkaGEOGRAPHY
University of MaiduguriBIOCHEMISTRY

Other Universities That Accept D7

For agricultural economics, DELSU acknowledges an ‘O’ level in English language proficiency.

Agriculture Economics requires a passing grade of “O” in Physics, which is accepted by FUAM and MOUAU.

There are no English language requirements for Fisheries at DELSU.

For Agricultural Economics & Extension, JABU recognizes an “O” level pass in Physics.

For Agricultural Economics & Extension, an ‘O’ level pass in Physics is required by ESUTECH.

In addition to the UTME, CRUTECH and FUTA need a Physics ‘O’ level pass for Agricultural Economics & Extension applicants.

Both ADSU and BAUCHI will accept an “O” level pass in Animal Production with an “O” level pass in Physics, or the other way around.

In the field of animal production, CRUTECH, EKSU, FUAM, and UNIZIK accept ‘O’ level passes in Physics.

For animal production, JABU recognizes an ‘O’ level pass in physics.

It is acceptable to have an “O” level English proficiency in Animal Science at IMSU, ESUTECH, DELSU, and RSUST universities

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Animal Science majors at EBSU must have completed Physics at the ‘O’ level or higher.

For Animal Science, DELSU recognizes a D7 in English.

For Animal Science, ‘O’ level credit in the English Language is required, while ‘O’ level in Physics is acceptable.

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