Top 10 Most Profitable Courses In Nigeria

Ever wondered what the most profitable courses in Nigeria to study at the university are? Especially, when there is a lot of talk about how you can be successful in whatever you choose to do as long as you are ready to put in the hard work. That statement can’t be faulted by the way, only that when studying any course in a Nigerian university, a lot of factors need to be considered.

The degree of hard work you are ready to put in is only one of the many factors you need to consider as a prospective undergraduate. If you are planning on remaining in the country after studying, there are certain profitable courses in Nigeria to study in the university you need to have your eyes on.

Considering the state of things in the country, you don’t want to be up against so many difficulties because, honestly, getting past the educational system in Nigeria whether it is one of the profitable courses in Nigeria you are studying or not, is already a real challenge. 

In this post, you would be opened to a broader perspective as regards studying any course in a Nigerian university. You would find out that there are certain profitable courses in Nigeria you can study that would save you the stress of seeking gainful employment after your stay in the four walls of any tertiary institution.

You asked for it, now here you go.

Best 10 Profitable Courses In Nigeria You Can Study.

Computer Science/Engineering

You don’t need to be told that the world is transitioning pretty quickly into a technology-driven world and anyone who can acclimatize to these changing times and of course, provide valuable services to people is sure to hit a lot of financial returns. It is the only reason why as a prospective student in the sciences this is one of the most profitable courses in Nigeria you can study.

In this industry, we have programmers, computer-based engineers, IT analysts and so many more professions available. Besides these, since every aspect of life is continually being shaped by technology, undergraduates who have completed their study in computer science can venture into businesses that require their expertise. It is a no-brainer why this is one of the most profitable courses in Nigeria.

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The monthly salary can range from N120,000 to N400,000

Medicine and Surgery

If you are new in the medical world, at some point in time, you must have erroneously believed that the only profession in medical and health science is medicine and surgery. Whilst studying medicine is one of the profitable courses in Nigeria, it isn’t the only one in the medical world. check out the list of other Lucrative Medical Courses in Nigeria you can study.

Studying medicine at the university is signing up to spend six years of rigorous training that equips you to render quality healthcare for patients. In fact, because it ranks as one of the most profitable courses in Nigeria, students don’t mind spending several years waiting in the wings to be admitted.

The monthly take-home pay whether it is in a private or public clinic is within N200,000 to N800,000.

Petroleum Engineering

During the palmy years when Nigeria has attributed the title of Giant of Africa, if there is one sector that contributed immensely to Nigeria rising high to be accorded that honour, it has to be the oil and gas industry.

Chief amongst the many careers one can carve out for himself/herself upon graduation has to be petroleum engineering. It stands out amongst the other courses, not only in the oil industry but also, in the midst of the other engineering courses reason why they are reckoned as one the most profitable courses in Nigeria.

A student after graduation can expect nothing less than N 300,000 and can go even as high as N 900,000 depending on the level and the company too.


Top 10 Most Profitable Courses In Nigeria
Top 10 Most Profitable Courses In Nigeria

As Nigerians, we certainly need to disabuse our minds with the idea that pharmacists are those who provide cheaper alternatives to doctors since their knowledge of pharmacology and pathology affords them the opportunity to prescribe drugs for an ailment.

Well, the role of pharmacists is much more than the prescription of drugs, their work also revolves around the preparation of drugs ensuring they are considered one of the most profitable courses in Nigeria a prospective student can study.

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After five years of study in school, or six years as the case may be with some schools – Check out the Full List of Universities Offering Pharmacy in Nigeria and List of Pharmacy Schools in The United States, students who study pharmacy upon graduation can hope to earn at least N 165,000 as new entrants and as they climb up the ladder, their income could rise as high as N 800,000

Business Management

The goal of every business is to maximize profits from the valuable services they provide as solutions to the needs of consumers. And, running a profitable business requires the skill of business management. You can now understand why business management is considered one of the profitable courses in Nigeria.

Business managers are adept with knowledge on how to keep risks as minimal as possible at the same time selflessly putting themselves at risk just so there can be good gains in the end. This underscores why business management is among the profitable courses in Nigeria you can study.

The monthly payment could range from as low as N200,000 to as high as N 700,000 with so many factors to put into consideration.

Banking and Finance

Well, if you think that banking and finance are simply about working in the bank, you are in for a rude shock because if it is to be considered one of the profitable courses in Nigeria, it has to be much more than that.

Investment banking is the gold mine of banking. Investment bankers help private and public institutions to generate funds from the capital market.

Bankers are assured of a monthly payment that starts out from N 50,000 to N 2,000,000 depending on the cadre.

Electrical Engineering

Did you study electrical engineering at the university then one organization that would make high demand of our skillset has to be telecommunication companies like MTN, Globacom, 9mobile, Airtel, and others.

Telecommunication companies provide communication services for their customers allowing them to send and receive messages comfortably. This is made possible by their high-level equipment.

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Electrical engineering is considered one of the many profitable courses in Nigeria because the salaries for young professionals begin from N200,000 to as high as N950,000.


Another classic example of profitable courses in Nigeria has to be law. Lawyers provide litigation services for their clients in the event of court cases or legal agreements. The good part is that lawyers are known to switch their careers to politics. As profitable as the law is, so is politics.

However, it is important that prospective students know that starting from the lower rungs would mean a quite small salary, but, with a good number of cases under your belt or even working in a reputable law firm, your monthly payment should rise to millions of naira.


You can easily tell why studying accounting is selling like hotcakes because, in every establishment around the world, there is a need for an accountant. In fact, having only a Bachelor’s degree in accounting won’t suffice these days because employers now request certified courses like ICAN and ACCA.

What is interesting about these courses is the fact that you don’t even need to study accounting at the university to have it. 

Estate Management

Real estate in recent years has shown to be a thing, especially in the country because many people are finally starting to come to terms with how profitable it is to make investments in landed properties. As a matter of fact, most of the wealthiest people in Nigeria do real estate.

In view of this, estate management is considered one of the profitable courses in Nigeria because they get the rare opportunity of interacting with the movers and shakers of industries in Nigeria.


The above-listed courses are ranked as the top ten most profitable courses in the country and as a student who is at the crossroads of selecting a course of study, you can consider this list while at the same time looking at your passions and interests.

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