Full List of Best Polytechnics in Nigeria (2024)

For many years now, even the best polytechnics in Nigeria have been associated with mediocrity. Many have placed down the hierarchy of tertiary education, and as a result, graduates from polytechnics land fewer jobs compared to university graduates.

But, you may ask: is this truly the state of things? Were polytechnics created to play second fiddle to universities? The answer is no. The best polytechnics in Nigeria were established to provide technical and practical skills for their students as against the theory that most universities are accustomed to giving.

In this article, we will look at some of the best polytechnics in Nigeria, especially if you are interested in an industry that is more practical-oriented than theoretical.

Top Best Polytechnics in Nigeria

Best Polytechnics in Nigeria

Yaba College of Technology

We certainly can’t begin an article on the best polytechnics in Nigeria, and Yaba College of Technology doesn’t readily come to mind. It opened its door for academic learning in 1947 and at the time of writing, it has well over 16,000 students.

The Polytechnic was notably the first tertiary institution to establish a Center for Entrepreneurship Development. Unsurprisingly, YABATECH would have had many occasions upgraded to the status of a university, but for the refusal of the Senate.

Auchi Polytechnic

One of the oldest and best polytechnics in Nigeria has to be Auchi Polytechnic. The polytechnic which was established in 1964 is located in Delta State, and from that time up till now, the polytechnic has retained its excellent academic standards. The school’s website also has a user-friendly interface that keeps visitors glued to their screens.

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Federal Polytechnic, Nekede

When it comes to advanced technology in the country, Federal Polytechnic, Nekede has stood out in that respect and has shown over the years to be committed to training students with the necessary skills to be employers of labor in the country. You can now understand why the polytechnic is big on research.

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Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro

Since its inception in 1979, the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro has proven to be one of the best polytechnics in Nigeria. In fact, numerous reports from credible agencies say they have been the best Nigerian polytechnic since 2014. 

You can talk about Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, and miss how consistently the school has been in session with no interrupting strikes for the last twelve years. The polytechnic also has two campuses namely: East and West Campus. 

Federal Polytechnic, Oko

The Federal Polytechnic, Oko started as a college of education named the College of Arts and Sciences in 1979, before it was upgraded six years later in 1985 to a polytechnic. At the time, it was owned by the Anambra State government, before it would be later taken over by the Federal government.

Federal Polytechnic, Oko is located in Anambra State and it has three campuses with its main campus in Oko and the other two in Ufami and Atana. 

Kaduna Polytechnic

KADPOLY as they popularly referred to it, is not only one of the leading polytechnics in the North, but also in Nigeria. The Northern polytechnic was formerly known as Kaduna Technical Institute before it was upgraded to the status of a polytechnic with a student enrollment of over 25,000 students.

Imo State Polytechnic

In 1978, the Imo State Polytechnic began as the Micheal Okpara College of Agriculture, Umuagwo. It was until 2007, the present name was adopted. Some of the courses offered at Imo State Polytechnic include food science, agriculture, and management sciences.

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History was made in the school in 2009 when more than 43 varieties of cassava were cultivated. 

Lagos State Polytechnic

LASPOTECH as they have famously known, began about forty years ago, with the vision of training students to their full potential so that they could become the very best of themselves. In many ways, the vision has been realized with the manufacture of drones for aerial surveillance by staff and students. This invention attracted many people including the then governor, Akiniwunmi Ambode who promised to use them in the state’s security services.

Osun State Polytechnic

Osun Polytechnic was first the satellite campus of The Polytechnic, Ibadan. It was in 1992, it broke off relations from what many believe is one of the best polytechnics in Nigeria, The Polytechnic, Ibadan. 

OSPOLY as they are many times called has seven faculties and thirty-eight departments.

The Polytechnic, Ibadan

If you are conversant with some of the best teaching colleges at the time, then Technical College, Ibadan shouldn’t be strange at all. The Polytechnic, Ibadan was the resultant institution when the then Technical College, Ibadan was upgraded to a polytechnic in 1970.

Currently, Ibadan Poly has five departments namely: Engineering Sciences, Environmental Studies, Financial and Management, Business, and Communication with over 25,000 students enrolled.


If you noticed, most of the best polytechnics in Nigeria are owned by the federal government, even the ones that started as state polytechnics. This is a testament to the massive contribution of the federal government to technical education.

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