Full List of Universities in Ekiti State (2024)

The list of universities in Ekiti State is a must especially if you would love to study in this southwestern state. And, truth be told, there are a good number of universities in Ekiti State if you are hellbent on studying here.

In fact, there are four universities in Ekiti State, of which one is funded by the federal government, two are owned by the state government, and there is just a single one that is privately owned. 

Bear in mind that the list of universities in Ekiti State mentioned here is all approved by the National Universities Council, NUC, so you don’t have to entertain fears of wasting your time on something unprofitable.

While there are many other universities worth their salt scattered across different geographic locations in Nigeria, you still find out that many parents and students tend to pick some of these universities in Ekiti State over the other universities in Nigeria.

This can be credited to the great work the Ekiti State Universal Basic Education Board in liaison with the Ekiti State Ministry of Education is consistently doing.

Let’s cut to the chase and get into these federal, state, and private universities that are found in Ekiti State.

Complete List of All Universities in Ekiti State

Universities in Ekiti State

Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti State

This is one of the many federal universities that was established during the past administration of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Professor Chinedu Nebo, who has also served in the capacity of the Vice Chancellor of Nigeria’s first indigenous university, was the first Vice-Chancellor at the inception of this university.

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Since its inception to now, Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti, or FUOYE as they are fondly called, has become home to eight academic schools and fifty-one departments.

Right now, new entrants are expected to pay as high as N102,000 each academic session while the tuition fees of returning students are set at N48,000. In all, FUOYE has set out to be what university students from everywhere would love to be and this is demonstrated in their integration of current-day technology into their learning systems.

Babatunde Olumilua University of Education, Science and Technology

Babatunde Olumilua University of Education, Science, and Technology, also known as BOUESTI was formerly known as the College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti. But, since its accreditation by the National Universities Council in 2020, it has become a household state university that the people of Ekiti are proud of.

Formerly at BOUESTI, acceptance fees were set at N100,000, but the Registrar has since then announced a reduction to N50,000. The school fees of N175,550 which new students admitted into non-science courses remain just as the N210,550 and N200,550 for technology-based and science courses respectively remain.

Ekiti State University

As the name implies, Ekiti State University is the second state university run by the Ekiti State government. It is named after the state’s capital, Ado-Ekiti where it is situated in.

There is some history around its name as it is the only university in Nigeria that has changed its name as many as four times in the space of twenty-five years, and surprisingly none of those names have any relation to anything regarding the university. 

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For instance, the first civilian governor of Ondo State, Chief Micheal Adekunle Ajasin named it Obafemi Awolowo University in Ondo State. It is also rated as the third-best state university in Nigeria according to the Webometrics ranking.

Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti

Just as there is only one federal university in Ekiti State, so also there is just one private university in Ekiti State, the mention of Afe Babalola University. ABUAD as they have been famously known has been revered as the “wonder, model reference point, and standard” that other universities ought to follow.

This honor makes sense when you recognize that Afe Babalola University is the only Nigerian university to have moved to its permanent site that has modern teaching facilities and state-of-the-art buildings and hostels in eight months after receiving provisional accreditation from the National Universities Council.

At ABUAD, the admission cutoff mark is 180 and the implication is that only students with 180 and above are eligible to take the screening exams. Besides, those who would love to study medicine and surgery without the fears of industrial strikes can even apply to this school, since the university is one of the few private universities that are accredited to offer medicine.

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In this post, we found out the unique features of the universities in Ekiti State whether they are federal, private, or state-owned.

However, outside the number of universities in Ekiti State, the southwestern state is home to some of the best polytechnics like Crown Polytechnic, College of Technology, Ijero-Ekiti, and Ado-Ekiti Federal Polytechnic. 

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