How to Get a Golf Scholarship: Top 5 Sure Tips

Who wouldn’t want to know how to get a golf scholarship because tertiary education can sometimes get very expensive? As one who doubles as an avid golf player and a prospective undergraduate student, here is one article you would want to read till the end.

In recent times, golf enthusiasts are starting to turn to scholarship programs that allow them to enjoy their golf and, at the same time, get a quality education in any of the best universities. Unfortunately, this has made it difficult for undergraduate students to get golf scholarships.

Enough has been said about the popularity of these golf scholarships; what hasn’t been said is what golf scholarships are about. Even more, who provides the funding for them? What are the requirements to benefit from these scholarships? And, of course, the steps on how to get golf scholarships.

Shall we dig in already?

What is a golf scholarship?

Besides being an example of undergraduate scholarships, golf scholarships are specially designed for students who participate in athletics and can demonstrate their need for financial support to continue their education.

Students are awarded based on both their academic and athletic capabilities. Coaches also have a massive say in who and how much the students should be given.

How to get a golf scholarship

How To Get a Golf Scholarship?

Getting any scholarships into the university from USA scholarships to scholarships in the United Kingdom, would demand that students show an excellent academic track record, especially for students who have gained admission into the school.

Prospective students must have excellent entrance examination scores. Not only should their academics be on a high, but their abilities as golf players should also be just as excellent.

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Away from these basic requirements, if students intend to get a golf scholarship, they first need to strive to be among the top five best in their team, which usually is a team of ten.

This achievement ensures they are selected for competitions. However, only four out of the chosen five have the opportunity to compete. It is their performance in these competitions that determine who gets the nod from the coaches.

This underscores why students who want to get a golf scholarship must not only be good in their academics but also must be at the level in terms of their talent that distinguishes them from the others who are also applying for the same scholarship. Outside these general requirements, here are tips that can come in handy if you are a student seeking to get a golf scholarship.

Have an understanding of the different division levels

As an athletic student who needs a golf scholarship, you should get familiar with the divisions that qualify for these scholarships.

For instance, NCAA divisions 1 and 2, NAIA, and junior college are the divisions that make you eligible for golf scholarships as a male student. Also, you should know the required marks and the method of recruiting in these divisions.

Academic performances

This particular tip can’t be overemphasized. One easy way to show why you deserve these golf scholarships is to post excellent results in the class and top performances on the track. Coaches are always on the lookout for such students, so you mustn’t do it once only. It should be consistent.

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A solid online profile

You don’t want to soil your hands in things of shame that can ultimately rob you of the opportunity when you decide to get a golf scholarship. Be known for excellent reasons but on and off the track.

And, of course, gain credibility in your locality for golf. This, in no small way, dispels the doubts about your ability to compete on the global stage coaches might have.

Active Participation

Every chance you get at strutting your talent, don’t take them for granted. Take every opportunity in the shape of local and national tournaments very seriously, like it’s the big stage. Every opportunity is a chance to improve on your talent.

Maintain a good relationship with your coaches

The opinions of your coaches always inform the school’s decision on whether you should be selected for a golf scholarship. They can also select you for multiple-day competitions, which help you build your competence.

How much is a golf scholarship worth?

The worth of any golf scholarship depends on the university that obliges your application to get a golf scholarship. For example, in the United States, tuition fees are about $60,000 for an academic year.

And, since Bachelor’s degree programs in the United States run for four years and you get awarded the scholarship in your sophomore year, best believe the scholarship is worth at least $120,000.

This particular type of golf scholarship isn’t always the case. This is only possible when you are awarded a full-ride golf scholarship. With a 100% scholarship, you not only get your entire tuition paid but also every study material that you would need would be covered. Sometimes, the coaches decide that you pay half of the tuition while the school takes care of the remaining half.

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How realistic are your chances to get a golf scholarship?

If anything, what we would love to point out is that difficulty doesn’t equal impossibility. Getting a golf scholarship can be difficult, but, at the same time, it is wrong to dismiss any chances of getting it.

However, what you can do, is post very excellent academic performances and let your form in practical classes be just as good as your school grades. To heighten your chances, you should build a good rapport with the coaches so they can select you for local competitions frequently.

Best Colleges You Can Apply To Get a Golf Scholarship

Here are some competitive universities in the United States you should consider when you want to get a golf scholarship.

Duke University

University of Tulsa

Stanford University

Purdue University

Northwestern University

Oklahoma State University (NAIA)

Florida Southern College

Daytona State College

Auburn University

The University of California, Los Angeles (NCAA D1)


Regardless of how many people have poured cold water into your dream of getting a golf scholarship, please don’t succumb to their criticisms.

Instead, go hard and make the most of the tips on how to get a golf scholarship, and the stars certainly would be your starting point.

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