Scholarships in Canada For Nigerian Students – Everything You Should Know

Looking for scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students can sometimes prove to be a herculean task if you don’t have an idea about their deadline dates, eligibility requirements, or whatnot. Not to worry, all you need do is patiently get through this article to know the available scholarships and how to apply for them.

Meanwhile, it is important you know that not all scholarships are full-ride. Some of them are partially funded requiring you to foot part of the bills. And, just like the scholarships in the United Kingdom for Nigerian students, they could be awarded by the Canadian government or even private individuals in Canada regardless of whether you are seeking scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students who are either undergraduates or postgraduates.

Shall we get into them already?

List of Scholarships in Canada for Nigerian Students

Scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students

Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Programme (CADFP) 2023 Scholars Fellowship Program

CADFP is a fellowship program that offers scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students or any other African student who is seeking international education.

It provides a level playing field for Africans to access academic funds amidst the stiff competition that is consistent with international scholarships.

University of Manitoba 2022 International Undergraduate Student Bursary – Canada

Canada’s University of Manitoba is another opportunity you can access scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students especially if you are an undergraduate student who is seeking to earn a Bachelor’s degree.

Applicants need to demonstrate an excellent academic track record and financial needs. It is also open in both the fall and winter semesters.

Vanier Canada Graduate 2022-2023 Scholarships [Fully Funded]

Here is one of the many fully funded scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students that you can take advantage of.

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It is unique because it is fully sponsored by the Canadian government in a bid to establish Canada as a mainstay for excellent postgraduate education. It is specially designed for those who are pursuing the award of a Ph.D.

MPOWER 2022 Global Citizen Scholarship for Undergraduate Students

Are you an undergraduate student who is seeking scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students? Then, here is your chance to land one scholarship that puts into consideration the diverse background of students seeking international education.

However, you must confirm if the university in Canada you are either seeking admission to or have been admitted to is under the Universities MPOWER program as this is one of the requirements for eligibility.

Lester B. Pearson 2023 International Scholarship Program at University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is a prime destination for international students who intend on studying in Canada. The reason is justified because of scholarships such as this one which is open for exceptional students who are seeking scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students. 

The University of Toronto doesn’t only boast of global acclaim but also, the city where the school is located is big on accepting different cultures.

TED 2023 Fellows Program for Exceptional Leaders

Amongst the many other scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students that are awarded on a yearly basis, this particular scholarship stands out.

It looks beyond the academic capabilities of the students and takes major concern in those who are doing great work for themselves and their communities in their respective fields of endeavors.

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The selection process highly considers extraordinary and multidisciplinary individuals for this Fellows program.

University of Ottawa 2022 African Scholarships for African Students Studying in English

If there is any university in Canada that prides itself in its wide international outreach, it just has to be the University of Ottawa.

It stands out amongst the sea of scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students because its selection process is majorly based on the admission average and students with an average of 80% or more stand a good chance of being awarded the scholarship.

This scholarship is renewable and students of African descent admitted into the 2022 Fall Semester studying English at the University of Ottawa are eligible to apply.

Government of Canada 2022-2023 Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The Government of Canada has many approaches to boosting the global appeal of both their undergraduate and postgraduate programs in their universities.

One out of the many has to be funding scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students who intend to bag a Ph.D. in any of the best universities in Canada.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is open for exceptional postgraduate students who are pursuing a Doctorate degree.

Amazon 2022-2023 Future Engineer Scholarship to Study in Canada

It isn’t farfetched that so many countries have poor representation when it comes to international education, and this is for many different reasons.

It is with this concern that Amazon has taken it upon itself to solve this challenge by providing scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students who have big dreams in the computer science world.

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Amazon Future Engineer scholarships apart from being one of the scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students is also open to other countries which are generally referred to as third world countries.  

Brock University 2022-2023 International Undergraduate Students Scholarships – Canada

One of the foremost universities in Canada is offering one out of the many scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students that you should take note of. Brock University is awarding scholarships to international students from anywhere in the world who have enrolled in the 2022/2023 academic session.

As long as you have a full-time admission into Brock University, you are eligible to apply.

University of Canada West Scholarships 2022 for International Students

The University of Canada West is also offering scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students or generally any other international student who is in an undergraduate or graduate program.

Eligible candidates who apply are qualified to receive these awards once in the first year of their programs and once in their remaining years.

Simon Fraser University 2022-2023 Major Entrance Awards for International Students – Canada

There are many scholarships offered in Canada for Nigerian students and other international students at Simon Fraser University that are targeted at new entrants who just gained admission into the university and can be renewed only based on excellent academic performances.


Before applying for Canada Visa from Nigeria, knowing about the eligibility requirements for scholarships in Canada for Nigerian students is one vital step you must take if you would be a recipient of these awards.

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