Top Best Secondary Schools in Jos Plateau

Given how well many of the best secondary schools in Jos Plateau are, it can be an arduous task to select the best secondary schools in Jos Plateau. Nonetheless, in this article, we will draw up a list of the best secondary schools in Jos Plateau state.

Plateau State is a North Central State in Nigeria. As you may have guessed, the name Plateau is very connected to its mountainous topography. Let’s find out the name of these secondary schools in Jos Plateau.

Top Secondary Schools in Jos Plateau State

Royal Ranger Academy

Undoubtedly, one of the best secondary schools in Jos Plateau State is Royal Ranger Academy. It is located on Campala Street, Rukuba Road, Jos, Plateau. This particular secondary school has a well-stocked library and fully equipped laboratories. Without fail, this has contributed immensely to the great academic performance of the students in WASSCE, SSCE, and UTME.

Timtop Academy

Among the best secondary schools in Jos Plateau is Timtop Academy. It is a private secondary school that has a reputation for growing its students both academically and talent-wise. Over the years, Timtop Academy has shown consistency in its efforts in developing human capital on a secondary level.

Hossana International College

With a strong desire to raise young leaders who have a solid base, Hossana International College was founded in 2008. It is a secondary school that has boarding facilities where students are disciplined both academically, spiritually, and morally.

St. Louis College Jos

This particular secondary school is as old as Nigeria. Established in 1960, St. Louis College, Jos was established by the Catholic Diocese of Jos. It has a massive electronic library that is one of the best among secondary schools. Interestingly, every teacher of the school is a member of the National Union of Teachers.

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Benvian International High School

Known for its excellent academic track record and strong moral values, Benvian International High School is a co-educational private secondary school. It is situated at 14 ECWA staff layout, Zaria Road, Jos. Students of the school are guaranteed their safety to a large extent.

Airforce Girls High School

As the name implies, this particular secondary school is an all-girls secondary school owned and managed by the Nigeria Airforce. It isn’t hard to see why many consider Airforce Girls High School as one of the best secondary schools in Plateau Jos especially when light military training is incorporated into the school’s curriculum. It is located in Bukuru, Jos, Plateau.

Hillcrest School

There are few secondary schools in Plateau Jos of international repute. Hillcrest is one of those few secondary schools. It is a Christian private secondary school that runs both a Nigerian and American curriculum. Not only are the academic needs of the students taken care of but also, their spiritual welfare is strongly prioritized.

Adonai Vine School Rayfield Jos

At Adonai Vine School, students are assured of unique leadership skills upon graduation. This is because of the amount of work that is put into both the curriculum and even the teachers. The school infrastructure isn’t any pushover too. It may be hard to find any secondary school in Plateau Jos with such facilities.

And devotees of the Christian faith can rest assured that there is a good environment for their Christian beliefs to thrive.

Federal Government College Jos

Federal Government College, Jos, also known as FGC, Jos is one of the best secondary schools in Jos Plateau It provides both day and boarding options depending on the student’s choice. As a school owned by the Federal government, you are sure to expect some of the best teaching staff. It is located Along Market Road, Jos, Plateau State, Plateau.

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Federal Government Girls College Langtang

FGGC Langtang is one of the best secondary schools in Plateau Jos that provides both day and boarding facilities. In Plateau state, hardly would you find secondary schools that have similar excellence in infrastructure. FGGC Langtang is located at Langtang, Langtang North, Plateau state, Plateau.


Jos is Plateau’s capital, and it isn’t strange to see that some of the best secondary schools in Jos Plateau are found here, and possibly even in the entire North central region.

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