List of Courses Offered in Accounting Department for 1st and 2nd Semester

This post would be most helpful if you are a prospective student at the university or plus even the polytechnic as we will be discussing in detail the list of Courses Offered in Accounting Department for the 1st and 2nd Semester. Also, you might just want to make enquires about the course, you aren’t left out at all.

Accounting, maybe not unanimously, is considered the standout course for any student who was in the commercial department in secondary school. In the tertiary institutions, it is a department under the Faculty of Management or in other schools, the Faculty of Business Administration.

Every course offered in this department in your first year is all borrowed courses except just one. It is the principle of accounting. It is a core course that lays bare the basics of financial accounting. You need to know that if you don’t pass this particular course, you are sure to not graduate at least with your mates till you pass it.

There can be allowances by the department for failing these borrowed courses it must be said, especially if it is just a single one. But, with courses like Taxation, Financial Accounting, or even Cost of Accounting which would be done in the penultimate year, you sure shouldn’t expect any of such leniency.

Worthy of note, are those general courses which every student irrespective of department ought to take. They are quite different from those borrowed courses. They are general studies courses that border on sciences, languages, history, or possibly philosophy.

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These courses are designed to ensure students aren’t knowledgeable in their specialized areas only, but, in other areas of academic knowledge. It just might come off as a surprise, but, they are a must pass except you are ready to have an extra year in school.

The textbooks required are custom-made according to the school. The onus lies on the different lecturers who might have a penchant for their own textbooks or their colleagues or even in some cases, the materials released after each lecture.

Courses Offered in Accounting Department
Courses Offered in Accounting Department

List of Courses Offered in Accounting Department for 1st Semester

Core Course

ACC 101 Principles of Accounting

Ancillary Courses

ECO 101 Principles of Economics

FMS 101 Business Mathematics

LAW 111 Nigeria Legal System

General Studies Courses

GST 111 Communication in English

GST 113 Nigeria Peoples and Culture

GST 121 Use of Library, Study Skills, and ICT

GST 125 Introduction to Entrepreneurship Studies

List of courses offered in Accounting Department 2nd Semester

And for the Second Semester, they include:

Core Course

ACC 102 Principles of Accounting

Ancillary Courses

CSC 102 Computer Application

ECO 102 Principles of Economics

FMS 102 Business Mathematics

LAW 112 Nigeria Legal System

PSY 102 Introduction to Psychology

General Studies Courses

GST 102 Fundamental Philosophy

GST 112 Philosophy and Logic

GST 122 Communication in English

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It can’t be overemphasized how important passing general courses could be. This is because there is a subtle disinterest that is perpetuated among students and can surely prove very fatal if heeded.

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You don’t want to add to your expected four years of study simply because of a wrong mindset.

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