Full List of Universities in the UK That Accept 2.2 Second Class Lower For Masters

This article is aimed at listing out the universities in the UK that accept 2.2-second class lower for masters. With this, you rekindle that dream of getting the best of postgraduate education, especially a Master’s degree even when you didn’t have a great undergraduate result.

You would agree with me that when people intend on studying overseas to get their Master’s, one location that seems recurrent has to be the United Kingdom. I mean no one who has the means to get a better education like the one found in the UK would let it slip past their fingers.

However, as with everything good, it doesn’t come easy. Securing admission to any of the universities outside the shores of the country can be incredibly difficult considering the fact that the entry requirements can be a bit stringent.

For example, asides from completion of your undergraduate education, it is important that if you would stand any chances at all of getting admitted into any of the universities in the UK, for postgraduate studies either to do a Masters’s or even a doctorate, you should project having at least a 2.1 cumulative GPA.

This particular admission requirement has caused many to abandon their lofty dream of studying overseas for their Master’s. But, you can smile again if you are one of them in this fix searching for universities in the UK that accept 2.2.

Why did I say so? There are indeed universities in the UK that accept 2.2 even though they are very few. Nonetheless, you would take it anyways to jet out for postgraduate studies overseas.

It even gets interesting with the fact that even if you still fall short of the requirement, a proven work experience can help seal the deal for admission into universities in the UK for your postgraduate education.

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List of Universities in the UK That Accept 2.2 For Masters Degree Programme

The universities which are about to be listed are those universities in the UK that accept 2.2 for a Masters’s programme. At this juncture, a disclaimer is highly important. This is not to say that the standard of education in the following universities in the UK that accept 2.2 are low compared to the others.

However, it is a reflection of how relaxed the admission requirements of some schools in the UK can be. In fact, the universities in this list, are in their rights, some of the best schools you would find in the UK.

Here they are:

University of Wolverhampton

If there is anything that catches the eye of international students about studying at this university, surely, it has to be living expenses. The school is situated in the city of Wolverhampton in the UK which is considered to be amongst the less expensive places to live in.

Not only that, on an academic level, the school is counted amongst the universities in the UK that accept 2.2 for nearly all their Masters’s degree programmes. However, it must be said that some courses demand a minimum requirement of 2.1 for admission, therefore, it is advisable you do your homework before applying for any course.

Also, the Masters’s programmes are very flexible such that they come in full-time or part-time and even distance learning study options just so you can the best of education at your pace. And, this would make international students smile, there is a scholarship worth a thousand euros available for first-time international students.

University of Portsmouth

Portsmouth is considered to have such a calm and delightful environment that endears all and sundry to it. Little wonder why students are enthused to begin their postgraduate education at the University of Portsmouth.

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Apart from its conducive location, the expenses you get to take care of as a student are reduced making living in Portsmouth quite affordable for someone like you who intends to start out your postgraduate studies.

In this university, lectures are delivered by certified industry experts and even more, it is one of those few universities in the UK that accept 2.2 for most of their Masters’s degree programmes. And, as expected, you ought to make findings on which courses in these universities that accept 2.2, require at least 2.1.

In comparison to some other universities, the study option for most of the courses offered is full-time.

University of Westminster

Not only is this university recognized as an avant-garde university with stunning academic successes to go alongside, but the learning environment is also so conducive for students who come from far and wide.

The University of Westminster is located in Central London, and considering the fact that the regular requirement for a Masters’s degree is a 2.2, as an international student who is seeking postgraduate studies, you can’t look past this opportunity to enrol in one of the universities in the UK that accept 2.2.

And, as with the other universities in this list, you would need to properly find out which courses need a 2.1 cumulative GPA. What’s more, is that some courses are done strictly on a full-time basis and some others, on a part-time basis.

University of Warwick

Regarded as a teaching and research institution with a bent on pushing students to be the best they can be in their various fields of endeavours. The University of Warwick is amongst those universities in the UK that accept 2.2 for Masters’s programme, albeit, this applies to sciences courses.

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For most of their art and social science courses, the university accepts a 2.1. The study options available could be either part-time or full-time all dependent on the course of study.

University of Kent

Universities in the UK That Accept 2.2
Universities in the UK That Accept 2.2 Second Class Lower: Kent University

With recourse to what was said earlier on the universities that accept 2.2 are academically sub-standard. The University of Kent puts paid such false assertions. Imagine being known globally for your excellent teaching staff and state-of-the-art facilities? You sure wouldn’t forget such a fine set of graduates which are churned each academic session.

Amazingly, the university has three campuses in the UK and one in Paris. This would mean that as a student before applying, you would need to enquire where your course is done. Asides from making the list of universities in the UK that accept 2.2, the standard of education is so high that students leave better and more competent in their chosen field.

It gets even better as there is a plethora of scholarship opportunities available for certain international students, and of course, local students. Additionally, study options for Masters’s programme at this university can be on a part-time or full-time basis.


It must be said, however, that even though you don’t meet the cut of a 2.2, you could still apply for what is known as the pre-Masters programme so that you can scale up the required grade. And, for those who are worried sick about these universities in the UK that accept 2.2 if they are expensive. Well, it turns out that the above-listed universities are quite affordable.

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