20 Compulsory WAEC Topics for Mathematics Examination

Without any shadow of a doubt, there has been a huge clamour for WAEC Topics for Mathematics Examination. In view of this, if there really is any subject at all that many students especially those in secondary schools have great trepidation for, it just has to be mathematics.

Yes, you just might have guessed right! For many reasons, students, and, justifiably so, have developed cold feet when they are faced with mathematical problems especially when it matters most, during their examinations.

To add salt to injury, as you might like to think of it, the stakes are really higher with understanding mathematics because you must have a pass in this subject as it is a major requirement for entry into any tertiary institution.

That somewhat explains the fear associated with the WAEC Topics for mathematics examinations especially when the well-known West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination also known as WASSCE lurks around the corner. However, like in every tough situation, as long as there is a will, there always is a way.

Compulsory WAEC Topics for Mathematics Examination
Compulsory WAEC Topics for Mathematics Examination

20 Compulsory WAEC Topics for Mathematics Examination

Students only need to be dogged and willing to put in the work both smartly and diligently. It is for this reason articles such as this one you are reading are written. One thing this would do for you as a student is open your eyes to what kind of smart work you can diligently put yourself to do in order to succeed in these exams.

Generally, the WAEC Topics for Mathematics examinations are structured in a two-paper format. First, the essay test and then the objective test with multiple options to choose from. So, right here, we would highlight some of the topics that examiners major on so that you aren’t caught unawares in the exam hall.

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First, you need to know that the time allotted to the essay part is way more than that of the objective test. Plus, in the essay, there are five compulsory questions all with equal marks, and five to pick from all of the same marks too. Imagine having to deal with as many as ten questions all coming from several topics covered all through your secondary school. That, certainly is a fat lot, trust me!

Having an idea of the WAEC topics for Mathematics examinations that make frequent appearances would surely save you precious time on the D-day. This, here again, highlights the need for past questions which come with the relevant solving.

So, knowing those topics which are the usual isn’t really enough, this knowledge must be followed up with having a view of the structure of these questions and the ways to arrive at the answers clearly and in the fastest time possible.

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For the objective test which comes with as many as four options, you need to choose one correct answer. All the fifty questions carry equal marks and it must be said, they all have different levels of difficulty.

The wise thing to do would be to leave any question which you encounter that appears to be a hard nut to crack and move over to those ones which are easier to attempt.

List of Very Important WAEC Topics for Mathematics Examination

With this perfect understanding, all is now in order, to list out these twenty WAEC topics for Mathematics examination. By the way, it was very important that all that was said preceding this paragraph was said because this approach isn’t only to be applied for only mathematics, but, also to every other subject, you would be tested on in WASSCE. 

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Shall we get into it already?

For objective test questions, the probability is one topic to pay good attention to.

And, for the essay section, topics like statistics, circle theorem, and logarithm should be studied. 

Then, on a general note, both for essay and objective tests, we have:

Quadratic equation


Fractions and Ratios





Binary operations

Pie charts



Arithmetic and geometric progression

Word problems

Standard form

Venn diagrams

And of course, possibly every graph taught should be maximally considered.

On a conclusive note, it is important that as a student who is aiming for at worst a pass, you get to work and master properly the above-mentioned WAEC topics for mathematics examination before you enter the hall.

However, it is important you use to exact textbooks that the examination body recommended for the subject because this would be a perfect guide to recognize the aspects of the topics you ought to focus on.

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