Top 10 Best Law Schools in the World (2024)

If you are interested to make a lawyer a profession, you’ll be interested in our discussion on the best Law Schools in the World where you can study law. There is no doubt that law is a lucrative profession; also, it has prestige and social respect.

That is why students are trooping to study this course. However, the law school you enroll in is important especially if you want to be trained by the best tutors. So, journey with us, as we unveil to you the Top 10 Best Law Schools in the world.

Top 10 Best Law Schools in the World

Every country in the world has a law school in its tertiary education system. However, not all have the same quality and level of educational exposure as others.

It is in the bid to ensure you make the best choice of law school to attend that we have compiled this list. Mind you, these schools are very expensive.

With that being said, below is a blueprint of Top Law Schools in the World among which you can make your preferred selection.

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1. Harvard University

Country: United States

Harvard University has consistently ranked best in several categories with respect to educational training and now it occupies the first spot on the list of Top Law Schools in the World. Interestingly, this is the sixth year that Harvard University is retaining this position.

Over the years, the highly profiled tertiary institution produces the best law graduates who are highly sought after by law firms, businesses, government, and non-profit organizations.

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2. University of Oxford

Country: United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is home to several Ivy League schools and now it is home to the University of Oxford where the next best law school is. Interestingly, it is the top law school in Europe, ranking as the 2nd best law school in the world.

The University of Oxford aims to train law students so that they can analyze multifaceted information, construct arguments as well as write with precision and clarity. All of these and more are reasons why the University of Oxford Law School ranks high on the list.

3. University of Cambridge

Country: United Kingdom

The University of Cambridge keeps us in the United Kingdom where the third-best law school is located.

The university is the University of Cambridge is an academic public research institution with a highly reputable law school. Also, employers around the world value a degree from this institution.

4. Yale University

Country: United States

Yale University Law School is not left out among the Top Law Schools in the World. It is no surprise that this Ivy League school is enlisted here going by its long-standing history of producing excellent and high thinkers in almost every field including law.

More so, Yale University Law school standout among the best because it has a decisively higher bar passage rate in the world.

5. Stanford University

Country: United States

We are stuck in the United States where the sixth-best Law school is located, is Stanford University Law school. This Ivy League law school has a rich and extensive law program adopted to train its law student.

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More so, the presence of highly qualified tutors who are an expert in the law field is also an added advantage. Also, graduate students from this school are highly sought after.

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6. London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Country: United Kingdom

The London School of Economics and Political Science is a public research university and a member institution of the federal University of London.

It makes our list of Top 10 Best Law Schools in the world because of its high international reputation and is a strong school to study law.

7. Columbia University

Country: United States

Columbia University law school is among the best choice of law schools selected. This institution has a high reputation as a research center and one of the most important centers of research in the world.

In the same vein, the school has a distinctive and distinguished learning environment for undergraduates and graduate students in various scholarly and professional fields including law.

8. New York University (NYU)

Country: United States

The New York University law school is not left out among the Top Best Law Schools in the World because of its rich and extensive law program for training students.

The school has a reputation for producing outstanding law graduates who have excelled locally in the United States and on the international scene like the International Court of Justice (World Court) and leading human rights practitioners.

9. The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

Country: United States

Among the Top Law Schools in the World is the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), which is among the leading law schools in the United States and around the world.

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UCB law school offers JD, LLM, JSD, and joint degrees, as well as individual courses. More so, the school has a high reputation for its incredible learning environment, as well as high employment offers available to graduate law students.

10. National University of Singapore (NUS)

Country: Singapore

Finally, the National University of Singapore law school is not left out of our ranking and it is the last on our list. The institution has a rich law program that is beneficial to students. Also, the institution has a high reputation internationally.

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The above-mentioned schools have proven to be the best law schools thereby they make up the list of the Top 10 Best Law Schools in the World. In simple words, if you are interested to attend the best law school and being trained by the best hands, you need to make your choice from any of the law schools above and enroll. 

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