ExxonMobil Salary Structure in Nigeria 2023: See How Much ExxonMobil Pay Their Workers

The ExxonMobil Salary Structure is one of the most rewarding salary scales worldwide, especially in the oil and gas sector. Today, we will be taking a look at the current ExxonMobil salary structure scale, and how much they pay different workers with a little history about the high-profile company.

Before we present the current ExxonMobil salary Structure paid to a different employee, here is a little history about the company and its operations.

About ExxonMobil Company

Exxon Mobil Corporation which is popularly known by many as ExxonMobil was formed in 1999. When two top oil companies in the world; Exxon from New Jersey and Mobil from New York pull resources together to form the current top-paying company.

The American International Oil company has over 21 years of experience with 20 subsidiaries worldwide. ExxonMobil possesses world-class standards when it comes to business ethics, the welfare of employees, safety, and financial and technical excellence.

Also, the company deals with Petrochemical products, one of the most traded resources in the world.

Like other countries where ExxonMobil has a presence, Nigerian youth especially graduates can enjoy rewarding salaries by working in the company. Some of its affiliate companies in Nigeria employ Nigerians as 92% of their staff. Thereby contributing to the development of the country.

Also, most of the ExxonMobil projects are usually offshore whether in deep or shallow water. This is where most of the exploration of crude oil, and natural gas takes place. The top petrochemical company also deals with wholesale and retail of fuel, lubricants, and other by-products gotten from natural resources.

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You will agree with me that, all these works are not easy and require a lot of skills which explains the reason why the ExxonMobil salary structure is highly rewarding. Similar to all other international oil companies in Nigeria like Chevron, NNPC, ExxonMobil pays their employees huge salaries most especially in dollars.

ExxonMobil Salary Structure Scale

How much does ExxonMobil pay its employees? Let’s get into it to see how much ExxonMobil pays its workers.

By now, you should have heard of how hugely ExxonMobil’s salary structure is as many graduates aspire to work with them because of their mouth-watering salary, bonuses, tips, and compensation.

Mostly, ExxonMobil Nigeria pays their employees in dollars apart from other bonuses and allowances.

Find below the current ExxonMobil Salary Structure paid to different employees.

  • According to the ExxonMobil salary structure, a Financial Analyst is paid between $60,583 to $124,109 annually.
  • ExxonMobil Nigeria Salary structure for a Process Engineer is between $94,971 and $138,713 annually.
  • Chemical Engineers are paid between $73,984 to $221,476 annually by ExxonMobil
  • ExxonMobil pays its Mechanical Engineers around $65,436 and $198,659 annually.
  • Administrative Assistants working with ExxonMobil are paid between $32,024 and $65,074 annually
  • While the Cashier is paid an annual salary of $16,636 to $26,253
  • A Chemical Laboratory Technician working with ExxonMobil is paid between $37,985 to $104,573 yearly
  • ExxonMobil pays its Chemical  Process Engineer between $33,925 to $95,308 annually
  • While the Chemists are paid an annual salary of $40,989 to $85,147
  • An Assistant Store Manager is paid between $17,264 to $33,896 annually
  • Also, ExxonMobil pays its Business Analyst between $43,919 to $102,370 annually
  • ExxonMobil Civil Engineers are paid close to $41,608 to $113,352 in a year
  • Also, the Commercial Managers are paid between $57,602 to $227,119 annually.
  • Construction Managers are paid an annual salary of $68,487 to $201,658
  • While ExxonMobil pays its Control Engineers between $55,794 to $112,951 annually
  • ExxonMobil pays Convenience Store Managers between $22,584 to $57,166 yearly
  • Lastly, the Corporate Controller is being paid between $49,404 to $126,072 yearly.
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ExxonMobil Recruitment Requirements Process

What are the requirements for the ExxonMobil recruitment process? The job recruitment process at ExxonMobil is usually competitive. Thus, there are some requirements that you must have to apply for any position in ExxonMobil Nigeria.

Find below some of the requirements you need to have before applying for jobs at ExxonMobil.

  • You must be a Computer literate
  • It is compulsory to have a certificate of discharge or exemption from NYSC
  • Secondary School Certificate/ SSCE / WAEC results with at least 3 credits related to the position you are applying for
  • BSC, HND, NCE, or OND certificate from a recognized institution
  • Having additional credentials like professional certifications gives you undue advantages over others.

Final Thoughts on ExxonMobil Salary Structure

No doubt, the salary structure of ExxonMobil Nigeria is highly rewarding but getting a job in the company is competitive and intense. You may need more than just a certificate to get employed at ExxonMobil.

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