Top 10 Leading Newspapers in Nigeria and Publishers

Gone are those days when Nigerian Newspapers are only circulated offline. These days, many of the top leading Newspapers in Nigeria have taken the initiative of running a media agency and website where news can be read online.

We are in the digital age and most people are online to perform different activities and read the news. A lot of Nigerian newspapers have been trying to stay relevant thereby increasing their circulation.

Out of over 50 newspapers in Nigeria, we will be taking a look at the top 10 leading newspapers that are championing this change and their publishers.

Top Leading Newspapers in Nigeria with their Publishers

Below is the list of the best and most popular Nigerian newspapers.

1. The Punch

The Punch which was established by 2 friends Sam Amuka and James Aboderin is currently the most popular Newspaper in Nigeria. It is one of the best Nigerian dailies which covers news revolving around politics, entertainment, and lifestyles.

Being one of the most widely read Nigerian newspapers, the Punch has stepped on the toes of many governments, especially during the military era. This led to the media house being shut downtime without a number with many of their journalist locked up.

The Punch currently distributes over 85,000 copies of its newspaper nationwide.

2. The Vanguard

Ever heard of the Vanguard newspaper? It is one of the best daily newspapers in Nigeria and is published by Vanguard media.

Vanguard newspaper which was established in 1984 by Sam Anuka currently circulates over 135 copies of newspapers nationwide. Like the Punch, media outlets face a lot of oppression from different governments.

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3. The Guardian

The 3rd newspaper on our list of top leading newspapers in Nigeria is the Guardian. The daily newspaper started its activities in 1983 by publishing weekly, especially on Sundays.

Also, it was established by Stanley Macebuh, a top reporter and journalist with the daily times.

Being one of the most popular Nigerian newspapers, the newspaper focused mainly on business content.

4. The Sun Newspaper

Here is another best Nigeria daily newspaper which is published by Sun Publishing Limited. The Nigerian newspaper which has its publisher office in Ikeja commenced its activities in 2003. Also, it was designed using the popular UK newspaper ‘The Sun’ as a prototype.

Back then, news media outlets focus on publishing weekly tabloids. Currently, the Sun Newspaper is one of the most widely read Nigerian newspapers with over 140,000 copies distributed throughout the country. The Sun Newspaper has over 42 branches across the country thereby making distribution easier.

5. ThisDay Live

Being one of the best daily newspaper in Nigeria, ThisDay Live print over 100,000 copies of newspapers daily for distribution. The Nigerian newspaper which is owned by Nduka Obaigbena focused squarely on bringing content revolving around business and politics.

Since its inception in 1995, ThisDay Live newspaper has grown to be one of the leading newspapers in Nigeria, especially among business and political enthusiasts.

6. The Nation Online Newspaper

Like many other leading newspapers in Nigeria, the Nation Online Newspaper reports genuine news revolving around education, health, business, politics, culture, fashion, lifestyle, world affairs, law, and so on.

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Their main target audience is educated and mobile users with an interest in business, politics, or any other focused areas.

Unlike other best daily Nigerian newspapers, the Nation Online Newspaper is published by Vintage Press Limited in different locations especially the major cities for easy access. The Nation Online newspaper is printed in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt with headquarters in Abuja.

7. The National Mirror Newspaper

The National Mirror Newspaper is currently owned by one of the richest lawyers in Nigeria and business magnate Jimoh Ibrahim. This was after the news media outlets were sold to him in 2008.

It currently operates a decentralized printing system with different Offices in 3 Nigerian geographical zones. Thus, making it one of the leading newspapers in Nigeria.

8. The Nigeria Tribune

Despite being one of the oldest newspapers in Nigeria, the Nigeria Tribune has strived to be relevant in the industry.

The newspaper company which was established by Chief Obafemi Awolowo is known for speaking the minds of the average people. Thus, making it one of the most popular newspapers in Nigeria.

9. The New Telegraph

The list of the top leading newspapers won’t be completed without mentioning the New Telegraph. This is one of the Nigerian daily newspapers, especially for those in the major cities.

Its main focus is on citizens and foreigners in Nigeria. The newspaper which is published by Dr. Uzor currently prints close to 100,000 copies daily.

10. The Leadership

There is a high probability that you may not have heard of the Leadership newspaper. Unlike many other most popular Nigerian newspapers on our list, it is mainly printed in Abuja. Also, most of the circulations of its copies are within the major cities.

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Despite its limited circulation, Leadership is one of the leading newspapers in Nigeria. This is because of its quality coverage of news which led to its winning different awards. For instance, Leadership was named the Newspaper of the year in 2007.

The Leading Newspapers in Nigeria

The above-mentioned Nigerian newspapers are the top leading newspapers in Nigeria. They are quite popular for their news coverage and many citizens still purchase their copies or read on their website to stay updated on activities in the country.

Are you a fan of Nigerian newspapers? What other most popular newspaper do you think we miss on our list? Share with us via the comment section.

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