Top 10 Professional Courses for Economists and How to Apply

Top Professional Courses for Economists and How to Apply – Economics comes in a variety of explanations and one major one which is relevant here is a field of study that a student can become proficient at. Economics is an academic discipline that concerns itself with the consumption creation, and subsequent distribution of goods and services. 

An economist who has a fair degree of competence in economics researches, analyzes, and keeps track of the many economic dynamics and later gives predictions that can forestall an economic meltdown. There are some skills that you can call must-haves for economists. They include time management skills, analytical skills, computing skills, and problem-solving skills. Skills such as these contribute to the effectiveness with which economists carry out their jobs.

Top 10 Professional Courses for Economists and How to Apply

As already hinted, economists are highly sought after in many businesses and organizations for different jobs based on their skill set.

Professional Courses for Economists
Professional Courses for Economists and How to Apply

Chartered Accountant

The dream of most economists as well as accountants in Nigeria is to become certified Chartered accountants as it provides versatile fields of practice such as auditing, general management, taxation, and financial management. See the ICAN Registration Requirements in Nigeria.

Financial Risk Analyst

It is undoubtedly true that the typical accountant has his certification limited to a Bachelor’s degree in either accounting or Finance. However, the economists would intend to be much more by going further to obtain a Masters’s degree, he or they can do so to obtain the certification of a public accountant. This field is very versatile as it affords those who go all the way opportunities in almost any financial outfit in need of financing, taxation, and even general management.

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Financial matters are many times risky ventures, but, the extent of the cost of many risks differs. This is where a top-tier economist comes in. They are adept at recognizing and analyzing the risks that come with financial investments by businesses and organizations. The risks could be market, credit, operational, or even regulatory.

Investment Analyst

Not every investor is well versed in making the right choices when investment opportunities come along. This is another professional career path that economists can take full advantage of. Investment analysts provide reliable information about what investments are profitable based on their grounded understanding of the dynamics of the financial market systems.

Credit Analyst

These days you can not tell with the mere visible eye which companies are capable of upholding financial integrity. One of the Professional Courses for Economists is credit analysis. It is the job of credit analysts who have trained their eyes over time to recognize which businesses from their fiscal track records can stay true to whatever financial obligations they pledge to fulfill.

Operations Management

The processes involved in manufacturing industries are quite complex and can be hard for just anyone to figure out. Economists who have gone all the way to attaining professional qualifications in Professional Courses for Economists in ensuring every detail that pertains to manufacturing is effectively dealt with. This concerns the supervising, planning, managing, organizing, and even down the actual production of the goods is thoroughly followed through.

Pricing Analyst

If there is any factor that can not be downplayed it would be the prices of commodities. Economists that are pricing analysts are sought-after professionals that determine the prices of whatever goods based on their value and appreciation levels by the purchasing population. They ensure there is a fine balance between the desires of the consumers and the expectations of the producers to make good profits.

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Operation Research Analyst

These professionals are trained in data optimization, proper statistical analysis, and even data sourcing, all these being advanced techniques appropriate for deriving solutions that facilitate excellent decision-making by organizations and businesses.


They are also called sharebrokers. These professionals are known to buy stocks in a retail or even wholesale quantity based on their rich reservoir of knowledge. Their pitch-perfect understanding of the stock market affords them also the opportunity of being employed by organizations for guidance on what stocks to invest in.

Actuarial Science

This field of economics involves the use of mathematical and statistical analytical means to estimate possible risks in finances and other businesses. Economists who major in this field are known as actuaries and their major task is to measure and estimate the risk characterized in a venture and how to effectively manage them. Because of these top professionals, businesses can ward off very terrible risks.

Real Estate Analyst

These economists simply evaluate investment opportunities in the real estate field through thorough market research and develop certain algorithms to show which real estate opportunities are less risky.

How to Apply for Professional Courses for Economists

To study any of the professional Courses for Economists listed above, Economists are required to obtain these certifications from any authorized body which would demand the said economist to pass a professional exam. Nonetheless, some universities right in Nigeria offer these listed courses in the Master’s degree option which mean applying for their Master’s degree program and meeting the demands of the course.

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Economists can also apply for any of these Professional Courses for Economists at universities abroad to study these courses and earn a bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree. It is crucial to study or have certification from a respected and internationally known body as this increase your chances for employment and opportunities in your field.

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