Speech Writing: Guidelines and Samples on How To Write a Perfect Speech

Speech Writing can be very nerve wrenching, it must be said. Nevertheless, if you could successfully get past the hurdle of speech writing, you can be sure to have a bolstered confidence level that can help the speaker as the case may be, to read out the contents.

A speech is one of the very many means of oral communication. You must remind yourself consistently as you write speeches that they are destined to be read to an audience who must make sense of what has been written. This, therefore, makes it pertinent for any good speechwriter to possess certain skills.

Skills of Speech Writing

Speech Writing
Speech Writing: Guidelines and Samples on How To Write a Perfect Speech

Careful attention to details

Every speech is unique. There are certain events that are peculiar and thus necessitate a kind of speech. The valedictorian speech is miles apart from that of a swearing-in oath of office speech.

The former would communicate appreciation and stir up memories. The latter would command a serious tone, whilst there may be sprinkles of appreciation in it, the major aim of such speech writing would be to show unending resolve and commitment to responsibility.

Proper Planning

Not all speeches should be rushed over. If you must convey holistically every necessary detail, time really must be put in to gather relevant information. At times, a hurriedly prepared speech can contain too many avoidable grammatical errors which can end up ruining the confidence of the one who would read out the contents of the speech.

Consistent Learning and Writing

There are masters at speech writing but they never got to such a high level of competence if they did not give themselves to constant practice. There is no skill at all that is not bettered by a regimen of consistent work and discipline.

Speech writing is certainly no exception. You can not morph into a speechwriter who everyone lauds without seeking ways of improving your craft.

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Practice Your Written Speech

The end game of every speech writing is that it must be read out. It only makes sense to read out the contents aloud to look out for paragraph flow, proper alignment of tenses, or even to shake off every kind of fear you could experience on the D-day of the speech presentation.

Stick With The Required Number of Words

Inasmuch as you would love to bring bare every necessary information, consideration must be made for what the expected number of words is. You need to understand that every human has a different attention span and exceeding the word length can wind up being counterproductive.

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Speech Writing: Guidelines On How to Write a Perfect Speech

Now every skilled speechwriter knows that there are certain elements that would most certainly produce that perfect speech. These elements are like guides that would inform his/her writing so that the speeches come out in grand style. The orderly arrangement of these guidelines is what is known as a speech outline.

This speech outline helps to eliminate haziness which is characteristic of poorly written speeches whilst creating powerful imagery that can enthuse the listeners. A perfect speech outline would try to define the purpose of the speech and ensure a structure is created that conveys entirely the reason why the speech was written in the first place.

An Introduction

These are the opening sentences of the speech. This part of the speech is crucial to the listeners joining you on the ride you intend to take them through your words. It is very important you get their attention from the beginning.

You could start by presenting a statement that is inarguably true or possibly contentious as the occasion allows just so there is inquisition drawn to what will be further spoken. The beginning sentences could also be a relevant quote or a rhetorical question that will set your listeners’ thinking in line with what is to be said.

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It would be awesome if your introduction does not exceed a single paragraph so that more paragraphs could be dedicated to building the major part of the speech which is in the body.

The Main Body

This part of the speech writing is where the chunk of a perfect speech is in. Here, every introductory statement made in the beginning should be developed. As much as you are trying to expand your earlier thought, it is important you avoid unnecessary detours which can leave your audience in confusion.

A good organization must be considered so there can be a cohesive flow of ideas that would be listeners want to listen for me. Who loves riding on a bumpy road? Just the same way listeners do not enjoy scattered ideas in a speech.

You can implement a logical organization with connectives and transitioning phrases, this keeps the audience in the loop of what is being said. Every point marshaled out should be done with absolute clarity and if need be, they should be accompanied by personal examples.


The conclusion of speech writing is as important as the other elements. You need to recognize the fact that the audience would most probably remember what they heard last, and, as such, you need to end with a statement that really would come as food for thought.

A good way to conclude could be to show exactly how to implement all that have being said. Do not leave the listener lost after arousing their interest in the topic.

Sample of How To Write a Perfect Speech

Good morning our esteemed Mr. Principal, respected teachers, and distinguished students. I, Amos Hannah, have come to bear open my thoughts on the media’s overbearing role in influencing the public. We can not turn a blind eye to how the media plays such a vital role in bringing the world populace together whilst updating us with the current happenings around in societies. Like it is popularly said you are one chat away from your friend.

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This is where the responsibilities media companies shoulder are revealed. The overwhelming desire for human communication has contributed heavily to the springing forth of many companies. In a way, many youths who have gone through the four walls of the school to a reasonable extent are taken off the streets drastically cutting down on unemployment rates.

Nevertheless, these responsibilities are still huge compared to the number of companies available. One critical matter I would love to outline is the fact that media companies need to be unbiased in their means of presentation. Media agencies in charge of the overall welfare of these media companies should strive for independence from the government.

The chances are higher for truthful information dissemination if media companies are not affiliated with any government establishment.

For want of time, I would love to stop here. However, it must be said that humans should not trade real-life interactions for online interactions because no matter how we choose to see it, familial relationships would remain when all other else fails.

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We believe you are now equipped with all the necessary speech writing skills, and guidelines and you’ve also learned from the sample above. If not, please feel free to go over the article again. You can also bookmark this page for future refrence. Don’t forget to share. Thanks.

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