How to Write An Application Letter for a Teaching Job

Looking to learn how to excellently Write An Application Letter for a Teaching Job today? Read carefully. Teaching jobs, undoubtedly, rank high among the most popular jobs you will find many people seeking after. You can easily understand this from the fact that it gives plenty of room for opportunities for everyone as long as you have a reasonable degree of education.

In many underdeveloped regions, you can find someone with just a secondary school leaving certificate as a teacher. The same goes with HND or OND holders from polytechnics. Pretty much, there is a wider spectrum of people that could earn a living compared to other jobs.

It must be said that teaching jobs are usually well sought after because they are one out of the many jobs that afford employees the chance to grow into the job. However, at whatever level anyone intends to teach, employers always lookout for a good application.

The first impression does matter, and, a very good way of leaving a strong mark on the heart of your employer and warding off competition would most certainly come through a beautifully written application letter.

What is an Application Letter?

At this point, you should already know that application letters are formal letters. They present your distinguishing skills and attributes relevant and beneficial to the organization in a very compelling and attractive manner.

Application letters have to be masterfully written to convince your potential employers why you are most qualified for a job whilst not excessively blowing your trumpet. Recruiters enjoy it when they are honest at their competence level.

Application Letter for a Teaching Job

How to Write An Application Letter for a Teaching Job

Application letters that are written for teaching jobs differ quite sharply from application letters for other jobs. This is because, for teaching jobs, communication skills are really in high demand, reasonably so, because teachers don’t just have a great knowledge base of a subject matter, they possess an incredible ability to convey this knowledge to every student in a way they can understand.

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So, for such kinds of application letters, a greater emphasis would be on these communication skills.

Format of An Application Letter for a Teaching Job

Writing a good application letter for a teaching job that would ensure your employer doesn’t think twice about giving you the job would require a good structure. This include:

Personal Information

Application Letter for a Teaching Job should include your address, contact information in the form of a phone number or email, and the date at which the letter was written. This ensures the employer could get across to you directly if they were convinced to hire you as a teacher. In addition, the application must be addressed to the right person.

Your personal information should look like this:

15 Coker Street,

Treasure Estate,


15th April 2021

The school and its address should come right have your contact information like this:

Brian Igwe,

The Principal,

New Heights Secondary School,



Introduction About Who You Are and How You Got the Vacancy

Beginning your Application Letter for a Teaching Job with how you got to know about the vacancy is never a bad idea. Also, you need to tell your potential employers how you are the best choice among the many candidates who applied too. You could even go as far as giving much more personal information relevant to how you would be a perfect fit in the school.

Let Your Employers Know About Your Educational Background

Teaching demands that the teacher regardless of the level must have a reasonable degree of mastery of what is to be taught.

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Your application letter for a teaching job must show proof which could be evident in your school certificates indicating your extent of education whether it was to secondary school or as far as the university level. You also wouldn’t be wrong at all to mention the grades to cause which employer wants an inept teacher?

Show Your Experience

Putting in for a teaching job would require you have some years of experience stated in your application letter. This would go a long way to demonstrate your competence especially when talked about in the right way.

Even if you have no experience, you should talk about your experience in any organization that demands the same skills found in a teaching job.

Outline Your Teaching Peculiarities and Values

Every teacher has a different teaching style. This explains why the results from teachers vary. Some teachers prefer the rote method of learning, some others would tell you how giving assessments and assignments after each lesson would keep the students grounded in what was taught.

Whichever the case might be for you, you need convincingly talk about your reaching style in your application letter and how it stands out and promises excellent results. You should remember the goal is to prove to them that your teaching method would scale up students’ academic performances.

Positive Conclusion

Your Application Letter for a Teaching Job role should be ended with an appreciation for the opportunity to be considered for a teaching job in the school. It would be most appropriate if you added how you want to be communicated if you get the nod either by phone or email.

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A simple Template for an Application Letter for this Teaching Job

(Your name)

(Your phone number)

(Your email address, if you wish)


(Receiver’s name)

(Receiver’s title)

(Receiver’s school name)

(Receiver’s address)

Dear (Receiver’s name),

(In this first paragraph, it is advisable to explain how you got in the know of the teaching job whilst also reeling out your standout skills and attributes)

(Here in the second paragraph, explain to your potential employer, how your educational background suits best for your teaching role)

(In this third paragraph, don’t be shy to talk about your previous teaching experiences, and if you have none, discuss relevant experiences to the role)

(This is the fourth paragraph, here, outline your teaching style and how it would prove very beneficial to the students of the school)

I am very thankful for your consideration of the role, and I am certainly looking forward to engaging you much more in this role. I am very open and would oblige any further questions you might have.


(Applicant’s name)

(Applicant’s email address)

(Applicant’s phone number)

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The application letter for a teaching job could prove quite challenging especially if you have no ideas. With the information given already, you are sure more than pumped to write your own letter and get that teaching role.

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