5 Tips for Creating the Ideal Lesson Plan in Nigeria

Tips for Creating the ideal lesson plan are of utmost importance, especially for teachers who handle very young children of primary and school age.

Teaching them can be very enthralling especially when they are very responsive, however, it can be very costly to go with the flow of their excitement, there has to be a structure in place to organize what they have to learn.

It is true learning should be fun, but, what is the essence of fun if the children don’t have anything in their brains. This is in consonance with the thoughts of Heidi McDonald who says, “Teacher can plan inspiring lesson activities from amazing places”

Children are the leaders of tomorrow. Leaders don’t lead by fun, they do so by accurate knowledge. This is why a lesson plan is so crucial in a learning environment. It just could be that stark difference between bad and good leadership. Teachers really need to understand their place in this transition to transformative leadership. 

Certainly, there is no better way to start this than, to begin by transforming their lesson plans. A lesson plan is a structural guide to the information that is necessary for any student’s academic development. It helps any teacher narrow down on the very basics without jumbling in too many things that can be counterproductive to the students in the long run.

The importance of creating the lesson plan simply can’t be over-emphasized. This is because even a teacher who has little or nothing to know about a particular subject area or probably has unproven teaching skills can have a great teaching experience with an excellent lesson plan.

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Why don’t we already get into it on what really are clear markers of a beautiful lesson plan? Because as we found out in the course of this article, that lesson plan can assist teachers in properly articulating and imparting whatever knowledge they need to in such a way students are much better off after class.

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Features of Writing An Excellent Lesson Plan 

So many methods abound for creating the ideal lesson plan in Nigeria and overseas, and, it must be said that all of these different techniques are great, however, research has shown that excellent lesson plans should have these three common features, which include:


For every lesson, there are aims which you must achieve after each class in the minds of students. If as a teacher you can properly recognize what the students ought to leave with after their class with you, you have in your hands an objective. This would keep your focus on the needful areas.


You have your objective and that’s a great start it must be said, however, it doesn’t just end there, there must be a follow-up exercise on how to make those objectives a reality.

In this part, you expose what your teaching style would take and even the kind of textbooks that you would be using for that class.


Every communication ends with feedback. Feedback is necessary to find out whether what was communicated turned out to be helpful or was just inadequate. Assessment is a teacher’s feedback.

This is the way the teacher finds out if the objectives of the class were met or if the activities produced the desired result. Assessment can come through tests and examinations which the students ought to take.

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5 Tips for Creating the Ideal Lesson Plan in Nigeria

If you are a teacher, and an absolute stickler for the academic well-being of your students, which you should, then the following guideposts can come in very handy in creating the ideal lesson plan.

Chase Simplicity by All Means

The whole idea of creating the ideal lesson plan is the fact that they to narrow your focus, a lesson plan looses its usefulness when it is full of an unnecessary details that can be avoided.

This isn’t a pretext to do away with all of the state’s educational board guidelines or even your school’s recommendations. Do these, but restrain yourself from giving items that are grossly irrelevant to your teaching exercise.

Work With a Template

You save your time and most importantly, stress from creating the ideal lesson plan from the get-go by just looking through templates for lesson plans that flood the online space.

These templates are available for download through whatever platform you wish either you are using a phone or a desktop computer. This way you can get them, and then, afterward tailor size them to your preference.

Include Enough Class Activity

We already discussed on the idea of activity being an important feature of a lesson plan. We would simply build on this here. Learning should involve the complete being if it is to be effective. Children shouldn’t only be engaged in their minds, but their passions should be taken into consideration too.

Design class activities for this pupils using what they can relate with, this way the lesson sticks with them for a long time. You could decide to include their favorite superheroes in cartoons to spark interest as they learn.

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Enumerate the Learning Materials You Will Need

Learning materials such as textbooks can really disrupt the flow in a class especially when you need to make reference to certain things and you don’t know the exact pages.

In order not to forget the textbooks that would help you get the best for any topic, you should consider adding the list of these learning materials as you are Writing an excellent lesson plan.

Stay With a Lesson, One at a Time

So, we should know by now that when creating the ideal lesson plan, it is done in view of a single term. Nonetheless, you need not be rigid in using a particular technique assigned for a topic for another topic that would be needing of a newer approach.

The simple tip here is to be conscious of the topic you are taking for the week and craft out a unique way of taking that lesson.


With all that has been written already, you must be absolutely pumped to creating the ideal lesson plan, and not just writing it for the fun of it or to merely fulfill your duty as a teacher, but, with an understanding of its undeniable significance.

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