Top Best Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

Criminal justice, and by implication Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs has become a matter of concern globally. In no uncertain terms, the rapid rise in crime rates all world over has deepened the interest of many in the field of criminology and criminal justice, and as a result, so many people are toeing the lines of pursuing an Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs.

This is very laudable because if the same old things which brought us to this regrettable place of social disharmony are still done, there will be no sight of peaceful coexistence. The truth is, there need to be skilled professionals who can decipher from very little pieces of evidence availed to them, the root causes of many disheartening occurrences that are fast becoming normal.

The words of Marcus Tullius certainly highlight what criminal justice is all about: “The safety of the people shall be the highest law”  It encompasses mastering the many principles which help at upholding the tenets of the law so that the citizens can live peacefully wherever they are. 

The interesting part of pursuing an Online Criminal Justice Degree program is the fact that criminal justice has a broad scope such that you are afforded the opportunity of branching out into several related fields like security, international relations, psychology, and even investigative journalism.

Top Best Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs.

Deciding to pursue your desire to be an expert in criminal matters is one thing, attending the right school to bring that desire to reality is quite another. This is why knowing the very best schools that provide Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs can be very crucial.

So, if you are enthusiastic about legal and justice systems pertaining to criminal patterns, you shouldn’t continue reading this article.

However, it is worthy to note these schools mentioned have very similar features between them. The completeness of these Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs amongst many of these schools give can’t be compared to those found in average schools. Completing the course in these top schools ensures you are well-grounded in this field. 

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Also, we can’t possibly look past the mode of learning. These schools not only offer these courses online, but also you get to do them at your own pace giving you room to attend to equally important matters. The tutors that are involved are experts in the field with celebrated results.

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List of Best Schools That Offer Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

Florida State University

Located physically in Tallahassee, Florida, this university boasts of not just having a well-rounded course curriculum but also lecturers who are top professionals which whom the students can closely work with.

Students who opt-in for their Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs get the chance to study related concepts like victimology, minorities, and social policy, plus even roles of drugs in the judicial system.

All this is geared at the students leaving the university with a rich wealth of information on criminal justice and consequently, equipping them to be the best corporate security specialists, victim advocates, fish and wildlife officers, or any of the career opportunities in this field.

Western Carolina University

It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools with a rather stiff acceptance rate of under 40%. All of these are testament to the solid work that is put into the progressive management of the school.

Few selections from the coursework include police and society, criminal courts, and institutional corrections. This ensures that the students upon completion of their Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs in the school can stand tall amongst their peers in the work environment. The physical campus is located in Cullowhee, North Carolina.

Fort Hays University

If there is anything at all that distinguishes this university from the other universities that offer an Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs on this list is the fact that the institution which has its campus situated in Kansas, offers both a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelors of Science in their Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs. 

Need I say, that with this sort of certification you are well respected in journalistic fora and communities. Some program choices include the law of cyberspace, juvenile delinquency, and many more.

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The good thing about completing an Online Criminal Justice Degree Program at this university is that with either the Bachelor of Arts or Sciences, the thorough coursework is enough to make you the best in this field.

Florida Institute of Technology

With a wide range of coursework on offering to admitted students, you can’t afford to look past the Florida Institute of Technology, because, after graduation, these students would have garnered relevant knowledge and skills in the field of criminal justice which include: examining crime trends and prevalent statistics and of course, mapping out consecutive crime preventive measures which require legislation in the form of search warrants, use of force or even seizure.

Physically located in the city of Melbourne in the United States, this school boasts a decent acceptance rate of nearly 65%. The support programs in the form of academic aids are also massive here with the availability of scholarship opportunities from the federal, private, and state grants and also different payment plans.

After completion of their study here, students are armed with a global viewpoint on what criminal justice is about affording the opportunity to work in fields very related to juvenile correctional facilities, homeland security, and intelligence.

University of Maryland University College

How interesting can it be knowing that your school where you enrolled for an Online Criminal Justice Degree program isn’t far off from the Federal Bureau of Investigation or even the Criminal Investigation Association?

Well, turns out that the University of Maryland University College is where those who are saddled with the responsibility of protecting cities in the United States from menace and provocation.

Also, it is worthy of note that the rates at which they accept students are below average, so the chances of getting in are low. Upon completion of the online degree program in criminal justice, graduates are furnished with the requisite knowledge that positions them to become some of the top defense professionals.

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Washington State University

If you looking for a school that has the perfect blend of excellence in research and top professionalism, here is the school you should keep your eyes on.

Located in the city of Pullman, in the country’s capital of Washington, Washington State University prides itself on having the best Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs.

The best part is, that their acceptance rates are significantly higher than the others, so you are quite confident to get in once you apply having fulfilled every necessary requirement.

Students are offered an awesome opportunity of having their coursework centered around criminal law, crime control policies, and criminal procedures. All these are geared at ensuring the graduates emerge as the best in the field of criminal justice.

University of Central Florida

Most schools provide opportunities for students to get an Online Criminal Justice Degree Program done, following the later coursework that is wholly centered on criminal justice.

Whilst this is only reasonable, only a few schools go out of the way of including certain electives that can boost the competence of their students.

One of such schools has to be the University of Central Florida. Located in Orlando, Florida and with a nearly 50% acceptance rate, students upon graduation are ready to hold crucial positions in private security agencies, and local and foreign security organizations. 

The coursework is specially curated by the liaison of the lecturers and their students so that the best that you can ever get from an Online Criminal Justice Degree Program can be actualized. 


If there is a question that frequently is brought to the table about Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs, it certainly has to be what is the endgame after venturing to go through the online route.

Well, there are myriad job openings such as becoming crime analysts, immigration generals, drug enforcement agents,s or even working alongside forensic scientists in a crime lab.

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