Best Online Learning Platforms for Adults

It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that online learning platforms for adults are the new hub for learning, Apparently, it is not only children who have turned to online courses for fun and interactive learning, adults aren’t left out in this new wave.

If there was anything the last pandemic revealed, it was certainly the fact that physical learning isn’t all there is to education. With schools shut down around the world for extended periods, kids and adults alike had to take advantage of this opportunity many learning institutions had availed.

So that, we aren’t wrong about this, online learning isn’t only limited to the regular academic classes, but also music and art lessons and even cooking classes. This means if you are an adult and would love to learn a skill or take some classes you weren’t able to when you were a lot younger, this article certainly is for you.

The Best Online Learning Platforms for Adults Learning

Best Online Learning Platforms for Adults
Best Online Learning Platforms for Adults


If there are any online learning platforms for adults that stand out from the rest, it would have to be this learning suite. It even gets better as the platform hosts many of your favorite celebrities who have become teachers.

Stephen Curry, the popular Golden State Warrior basketball player features in the basketball classes tutoring those who sign in what he knows how to do best. With Masterclass, the lessons in total last for an average of two to five hours.


Are you interested in just more than learning for knowledge’s sake? Do you want to be certified and recognized for what you know such that you can leverage the many job opportunities in the work environment? Coursera certainly is the place for adult online learning with over two thousand courses in their oversight.

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Interestingly, many of these courses aren’t only free and affordable, the courses on this particular online learning platforms for adults are straight from many of the renowned universities in the world.


Considered the most robust online learning platforms for adults in the world with a large volume of online books at their disposal and with new arrivals coming in every month, it is no wonder many are drawn to these online learning platforms for adults.

The contents available on this platform are rich and very educating testament to the fact that the tutors who take many of the courses there are professionals and know their onions. Udemy is also very affordable with some courses requiring students to pay as low as $12.


Interactive learning is one feature so common with skillshare. What this means, in addition to providing knowledge on design, publishing, and every other thing art through the numerous adept tutors who are always available to teach the students, there is also a community that provides opportunities for the students to connect with each other. Membership can either be on a monthly or yearly basis.

Creative live 

Offering eight courses on a daily basis is certainly not a common feature with online learning platforms for adults it must be said. At best, if there is any semblance of such, it is seen in some platforms putting up some courses online for a period of time before returning them to their sales price.

Creative live takes it a notch higher with lessons on photography to drum lessons available every morning each passing day.

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The Great Courses

Want to have college lectures at the tip of your fingers? Say, hello to the great courses. It is taught by the best college professors and is even available on streaming platforms or even DVD formats.

This online learning platform for adults instantly won the admiration of many when it was discovered that the popular Microsoft owner, Bill Gates loved one of the courses available on the platform.

If you intend to study at your leisure or stay engaged on a long trip to a destination, great courses are here to keep you company.

Harvard Extension

Being an Ivy League school has made Harvard the dream place for many students. However, her high costs and low acceptance rates have kept many away from studying here.

Nonetheless, if you still desire to take some courses from this prestigious university, there are provisions the college made in the shape of an online Learning platform for adults.

Lectures which all come in video format ranging from Algebra to American poetry down to even religious studies and many others are what you can learn from this platform.

Good thing is, for a relatively cheap fee, you can get certificates of completion for these courses after the usual two to eight months period range it takes to finish the available courses.

Open Yale Courses

Yale College has created an online learning platform for adults that avails resources ranging from audio lectures to videos that can either be streamed or downloaded. All of these come at no cost to the public.

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The courses contain materials majorly from the art discipline with little additions from humanities, social sciences, and also biological sciences.

However, the extent of the topic covered might not be as large as those found in other sites, there is still a striking similarity to what is taught in the school environment.

Also, the transcripts for the video lectures are also made available to the public domain too.


Everyone sure does know about the TED talk where professionals are brought to speak on very important issues. Ted-ed is a subsidiary of this TED talk. It serves as an online learning platform for adults that affords both the young and old access to introductory videos on a wide array of subject matters.

These video resources can be shared. The downside resides in the fact that one who wishes to master a particular topic area had better reconsider because the contents aren’t in-depth enough, but that is made up by the fact that the resources are stimulating enough to make everyone who watches the available videos seek more knowledge.


Strictly dedicated to anyone who chooses to learn foreign languages. It is one out of the many online learning platforms for adults and kids learning that makes mastering a foreign language engaging and fun.

With over thirty foreign languages and counting on offers to those who are intentional about investing sizeable time to learning a language, the platform allows users to play games and earn coins from fun quizzes and tests built into the application.

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