Best Online Cybersecurity Courses

If there is any skill that has emerged from the changing times due to the pandemic, it surely has to be these online cybersecurity courses. It is one of those many skills that anyone who is in the computer world should really take advantage of.

The normal thing people believe should be done when doing anything IT-related, many times is to get a degree in computer science, first and then later take a degree in a field of specialty related. 

Whilst that is one conventional route that can be very expensive and time-consuming, one can easily take the online course option. Anyone who is enthusiastic about cybersecurity can on an average easily takes an online course on cybersecurity, and master

Best Online Cybersecurity Courses
Best Online Cybersecurity Courses

Top Online Cybersecurity Courses

You can begin your journey into the cybersecurity world, especially if you are willing to do this the long haul, with some of the best foundational courses on cybersecurity that clearly spell out the basics, and afterward, then take the following courses that will be mentioned as this will ensure you are well-grounded to become an excellent IT professional and work in a top IT firm in the country.

As it has been earlier saying, in comparison to going through the physical option, the online school alternative especially even those advanced courses, is relatively cheaper.

In general, for technology lovers or even those who wish to go very far with cybersecurity, this article without any shadow of a doubt is for you.


The first on this list to be mentioned has to be Udemy. The vastness of this educational site evidenced in its sheer depth and amount of courses which culminates in a rich and engaging learning experience is why you shouldn’t look past any cybersecurity course they offer. Albeit, on general terms, virtually all their courses are paid, still, they aren’t so expensive to leave you in debt.

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The Cybersecurity Course for Beginners – Level 1 featured on Udemy is that online course anyone who really has a thing for cybersecurity should begin with. 

Not only does Udemy offer this particular one, another one cybersecurity lovers should take a look at should be The Data Science Course 2020 and even the Cybersecurity Crash Course for Beginners is another option too. The turn-off many people rage about surely has been the fact that courses on Udemy aren’t accredited, but, if you wish to build experience as a cybersecurity professional, you should still be willing to try out their courses.

Future Learn

An improvement on Udemy in terms of the accreditation of the cybersecurity courses has to be Future Learn. It must be said however that the number of these courses is quite few still, yet, it is better than none at all. One standout feature of Future Learn has to be the fact that its available list of courses is brief and foundational organized in a manner that piques the interest of any cybersecurity enthusiast.

The Introduction to Cyber Security by Future Learn is just one of those online courses that are free yet accredited by the body in charge of Information Security professionals. 

There are also other courses that are accredited and are master’s degree oriented too which of course, aren’t free.


This is yet another learning platform that offers short and introductory online cybersecurity courses to their credit they are accredited.

In the bundle of the five cybersecurity courses available on Coursera, there is a particular course that is affiliated with the University of Maryland. It is called Cybersecurity Specialization. It was created by the US college for opening up the principles of building an information system that has a strong security protocol.

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It must be said, that if you can consume the five courses available on Coursera, you are guaranteed to have an intermediate level understanding of cybersecurity.

Though like Future Learn, Coursera’s cybersecurity courses are well organized, the number of accredited courses then is more than those featured in Future Learn.


If you would love to take cybersecurity to the highest of levels, you should consider this particular range of cybersecurity courses. It was set up by two United States Air Force professionals who know their onions when it comes to information systems security. 

It comes in two cadres. The first one is the Basic Training and then the other, Cyber Security Specialization. The first offers a beginner’s guide to cybersecurity and the second, gets down to the real stuff of cybersecurity.

The Cybersecurity Specialization runs for about a 22-week span that offers you the opportunity to understand at your pace and even more to get certified qualifying you for top career opportunities in cybersecurity. 

The major turnoff around these cybersecurity courses has to be the cost. It can be very expensive when you start payments even though there are options for installment payments. You could however select the payments in small fractions or pay a ten percent fee when you land a job of $40,000.

Open University

On all things online or you could say distance learning, the United Kingdom’s Open University stands out tall. The arrangement of the featured courses is perfectly done to enhance your learning experience.

It is excellently curated for every kind of individual especially if you are on the beginner, intermediate, or even advanced level such that you aren’t thrown off by the course syllabus.

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Open University doesn’t just boast of accredited courses in cybersecurity alone, they have a good number of courses in the IT world like cloud computing courses that are certified. And, what’s even more these online courses especially those in cybersecurity are internationally recognized.

It could take up to nearly sixteen years to be qualified for a degree through this route.


So, there you have it on the best online cybersecurity courses you can get. There is no reason to stall if you are either an enthusiast or one who is looking to build a massive career out of it, or even if you are different levels of understanding on this subject, either beginner, intermediate, or even advanced level. There are online cybersecurity courses to cater to your different needs. 

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