Sample Letter of Permission to be Absent from Work

So you need to stay off work for a day or two and you are in need of a sample letter of permission ? We understand that there can be way too many unforeseen circumstances that can ensure we don’t meet our regular work routine. However, unplanned this situation could be, the truth is, any good and responsible employee must convey such events that seem beyond their control to their employers as soon as possible.

Many times just the thought of creating a letter can be very tiring, yet, there is a way to go around these things with relative ease. In this article, you will learn how to draft a formalized letter to your employer stating very clearly your cogent reasons for absence.

As with formal and informal letters, there is a format to follow, a letter of request to be absent from work isn’t any different too. The letter should be presented in such an appealing structure that the employer is simply compelled to grant your request.

It must be said, at this juncture, that the letter could come in the electronic means such as an email which is sent to the relevant email address or even handwritten means, in this type, it is submitted to the Human Resource department.

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Sample Letter of Permission

Sample Letter Of Permission To be Absent from Work

What should be the contents of this kind of letter?
In your letter, three invaluable points must be clearly stated, and, they include:


As valid as the reasons can be, if they aren’t concise enough, your employer is bound to toss them away as flimsy. You must state the reason for your absence with absolute clarity. You don’t have to beat about the bush spewing out the entire specifics, but, the very relevant details should not be omitted.

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A suggestion of an alternative

With the knowledge that once you make a request like this, there would be a vacancy created. A responsible employee should recognize this and suggest options such that his/her work isn’t entirely left unattended. This gives your employer the idea that you are no unserious fellow who is all about giving excuses upon excuses.

Give Dates

If the dates such as when you would be leaving or even returning aren’t shown, you would come off as some employee who isn’t really competent. Albeit, there can be situations when you are unsure about your movements and dates are simply not predictable, you must ensure you at least sketch possible dates of return.

Format: Sample Letter of Permission to be Absent From Work

As earlier stated, there is a standard structure to drafting this kind of letter, however, this still boils down to the mode of operations and regulations guiding office practices in your organization.

Below are the details that shouldn’t be found missing in your letter of absence:

1. The contact information that shows your address and phone number, if possible, shouldn’t be omitted.

2. The date at which you are writing the letter must not be neglected.

3. The subject of the letter should be clearly written down. It should outline your purpose of writing and should be in a few words, maybe the range of 8-10 words would do, and it is important they are either underlined or in bold.

4. Salutations must be formal. Dear Sir/Madam should suffice. It must retain the formality of office work.

5. The body of the letter should include the relevant details as to your absence, the dates of departure, and your return. Also, the request should be there too.

6. Conclusion should include your name and your signature.

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Sample letter of Permission To be Absent from Work

Here is a Sample Letter of Permission, it gives you an idea of what the letter should look like:

The Human Resource Manager(or whoever the addressee is),
(Name of company),

Subject: Permission required for (purpose) on (date)

Respectfully, I am (Name) and I work in (Department) of (Company Name). My employee ID is (Employee ID).

I am writing this letter in request for permission to be absent from my duties as the (your work) from (departure date) to (returning date). This is because (state your purpose). I believe within this period of absence, (suggestion). Could you please grant me approval regarding this.

I would be most grateful if this is speedily considered.

Yours Thankfully/Truly,


Let’s have a proper look at how this letter can go
(Sample Letter of Permission to be Absent from Work)

7th November 2021,

The Manager,

Lexus and Suites,

Abuja, Nigeria.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I hereby write to request permission to be absent from work for three weeks from 9th November to 30th November to attend to a pressing matter in my village. I will be away for these twenty-one days and would definitely return on the 2nd December.

To hold the fort whilst I am away, I have ensured that my workload within this period is assigned to my assistant, Mrs. Chioma.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Yours truly,

Stephen Madu

Sales Manager.

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As seen from the above Sample Letter of Permission, a letter requesting an absence from work for a particular period should be brief and straight to the point whilst carrying very relevant details. It should be noted that it is a formal letter and should convey a formal sense with proper grammar and punctuation in place to ensure that your employer obliges the request.

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