Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in Accra Ghana (2024)

It is no understatement to say some of the best secondary schools in Accra Ghana are among the best you can find in Africa. With whichever metric you employ, be it, teaching staff, infrastructure, performance in external examinations, or even moral discipline, these schools set the pace.

Therefore in this article, we will be listing out the secondary schools in Accra Ghana that have stood out as some of the best in recent years.

List of Best Secondary Schools in Accra Ghana

Best Secondary Schools in Accra Ghana

Accra Academy

Apart from being a day and boarding all-boy school, Accra Academy is one of the best secondary schools in Accra Ghana having some of the most qualified hands and the most conducive teaching environment fit for adequate learning.


Presbyterian Boys Secondary School, Legon is easily one of the best secondary schools in Accra Ghana. It is not only a boy’s only school but it is also considered the finest boy-only school in Ghana. It was established in 1938 and so far has lived up to its billing as a school reputable for academic excellence.

Ghana Lebanon Islamic Secondary School

Not just in the country’s capital, Accra, Ghana Lebanon Islamic Secondary School is also considered one of the best secondary schools in Accra Ghana. It combines a solid academic curriculum with Islamic Studies.

Ghana Lebanon Islamic Secondary School is a nonprofit school that most impoverished children can attend and be educated at zero cost.

St. Augustine’s College

This is one of the best Christian secondary schools in Ghana established by the Roman Catholic Church. It is a boys’ secondary school that serves both as a seminary and training college. It is located at Old Elmina Road Cape Coast Ghana.

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German Swiss International School, Accra, Ghana

Many know the German Swiss International School as being one of the most expensive secondary schools in Ghana. While this is true, this school is also one of the best secondary schools in Ghana. 

It was established in 1996 and is one of the top-rated secondary schools in Germany. Interestingly, they offer the German equivalent of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination.

Wesley Girls’ High School, Cape Coast

Of all the girl’s secondary schools in Ghana, Wesley Girls’High School stands out as the best. This is evidenced by its excellent teaching staff and complete academic curriculum.

Coincidentally, Wesley Girls’ High School is not only the oldest secondary school in Ghana but also, among the best 100 secondary schools in Ghana.

Ghana International School

The mention of the Ghana International School as one of the best secondary schools in Accra Ghana is no fluke at all since the secondary school is home to students from different backgrounds.

As you would expect from an international school, Ghana International School combines a national and international curriculum.

It is only fitting that the school consistently churns out the best results in the yearly senior secondary school examinations.

British International School, Accra

Talk about a secondary school where the children of the elite in Ghana attend, the British International School comes to mind.

With their solid infrastructure and conducive learning environment, you can understand why they are usually chosen from the rest by the nation’s rank and file.

Accra High School

This particular secondary school was established in 1923 by Reverend James Thomas Roberts and over the years has grown to be one of the highly sought-after secondary schools in not just Accra, but even Ghana as a whole.

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Holy Child High School, Ghana

They are also known as the Angel’s Hills, Holy Child High School is one of the best secondary schools in Accra Ghana, especially for the girl child.

All girl secondary school is located in Cape Coast, Ghana, and has proven over time to be the best choice for students who wish to boost their academic performance.


While it is true that most of the best secondary schools in Ghana can be found in Accra, we can discountenance the fact that some other regions in the country are home to most of these secondary schools too.

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