Full List of Universities in Abuja (2024)

It is easy to understand why there are many universities in Abuja since its the country’s seat of power. And, certainly, the north-central state doesn’t disappoint as Abuja is home to six universities.

Of these six universities, one is owned and managed by the federal government, and the other five are managed by private individuals. Presently, Abuja is recognized as the nation’s administrative capital.

Below is the list of universities in Abuja

Complete List of Universities in Abuja

Universities in Abuja

University of Abuja, Gwalagada

The University of Abuja was established in 1988 and at the time of its inception, it was the first ever Nigerian university with a dual mode of a university program, that is, the conventional option and the distance learning option. Presently, UNIABUJA has nine faculties.

Being one of the universities in Abuja with a strong vision of providing top-tier education whilst still bringing unity to the nation, the University of Abuja offered several research, instructional, and public service programs.

Nile University of Nigeria, Jabi

Nile University is one of the private universities in Abuja. In fact, it is even considered the most expensive university to study in Nigeria. With the increased number of students leaving secondary schools, there needed to be a commensurate increase in the number of universities to adequately cater to the rise.

As of 2009 when Nile University began, they had just three faculties and ninety-three students, however, over the years, things have changed. Nile University has a student population of over 4000 students. In 2014, the university began its school of postgraduate studies.

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Philomath University, Kuje, Abuja

This particular university’s name is coined from two Greek words, “Philos” and “math” meaning love and learning respectively. Therefore, Philomath means love for learning. In line with its name, Philomath University is driven by an ardent passion for learning.

At the time of its inception, Philomath University began with two faculties: management and social sciences faculty and law faculty. The dream of Philomath University is to be recognized all over the world as one of the leading lights in the Nigerian tertiary institution space.

Veritas University, Bwari

The idea of Veritas University came to light in a 2002 Catholic Bishops Conference in Abuja. It was birthed with the desire of these bishops to establish a university that provides quality university education while still maintaining the Catholic traditions intact.

Veritas University became an accredited university by the National Universities Council in 2007. The private institution then kicked off its operations in October 2008 at its first campus in Abia before the school moved to its permanent site in Bwari.

African University of Science and Technology, Galadima

The African University of Science and Technology is considered a research university located in Abuja. The vision of this university is to advance the borders of academic knowledge through excellent research methods.

AUST seeks to combine painstaking research with the thrills of new knowledge discovery in a bid to holistically develop the students. Furthermore, the university is a beneficiary of a consortium of scientists and engineers who are members of the African Scientific Committee and the International Scientific Advisory Board.

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Baze University

With no doubts at all, Baze University doesn’t only stand out among the other universities in Abuja, but also, in the country at large. With the mission of providing rich and excellent human capital, Baze University has some of the best hands in whatever career path.

Since its establishment in 2011 when it began with a foundation class and three faculties, the northern university has proven indeed to be a great replacement for parents who would love to send their children abroad but aren’t able to because they wouldn’t want their children away from them.

The main campus is 6km from Abuja Central Area on Jabi Airport Road while its annex is at Bwari.


The following universities in Abuja don’t just excel on a national scale, but on the global scene, they have stood to be counted.

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