10 Sure Secrets to Making Straight A’s in Higher Institution

Every student who has a history of making straight A’s in higher institution like universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education always has a regimen of secrets that was strictly followed.

Whilst some of them would not refer to these secrets directly, but, one thing that was constant with every one of them, as they abided by proven principles that many find difficult to do, because if it were easy, certainly, these many would record the same outcomes.

However, these principles don’t merely produce these results, there have to be certain conditions that must be met. For example, if you disbelieve in yourself so much that you have concluded in your mind that making all A’s is an impossible feat, well, these principles just can’t work for you.

There has to be positive mental conditioning before you can apply these principles to making straight A’s in higher institution.

Whilst you can control your mindset, every honest student who bagged an all A’s result would admit that certain factors were beyond their control. As a studious student you can prepare adequately for an examination, but, it is beyond your reach as to which exact questions would be given especially in an educational system such as the one in the country

. You even can’t tell which lecturer would mark your scripts. This is scary because lecturers have different perspectives and by implication, have different expectations for what students should put as the correct answers. At this juncture, you have to trust in the divine especially if you are a Christian.

Making Straight A’s in Higher Institution Made Easy

Alright, with this already laid out, let’s dive into these secrets that are responsible for the admirable results of students.

Making Straight A's in Higher Institution
Making Straight A’s in Higher Institution

Mindset Renewal

Mindset is made up of two words, mind and set. Mindset is simply what are the objectives your mind is doggedly set on achieving. It will amaze you that so many students don’t even read with a result in view.

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They just take anything that comes. This is one reason they experience academic failure. In a strange way, if you have your mind set on a big result such as making straight A’s in higher institution as your study ethic would be massively affected.¬†

Study Before Exams

As popular as this might sound, you would be shocked to find out that not so many students actually study until their examinations come knocking. It appears that the only thing that motivates many students in the universities to study is the release of an examination timetable.

This is the simple reason why if you are reading this you aren’t hitting those results you desire. Those who are consistently making straight A’s in higher institution shun this attitude. You don’t have to wait till the last minute when the pressure is really huge.

Attend Lectures 

Whilst it is true that some lectures are better not attended, do you then lump every other lecture that way and say you wouldn’t attend anyone. You would be shooting yourself in the foot if you do so. Attending lectures in some schools take a fraction of your assessment which can play a big role in whether you would be making straight A’s in higher institution.

Not only that, lectures provide you with the lecturer’s perspective and give direction on how you should study before any examination.

Be Confident in Yourself

There are few things people can do for you and it doesn’t include reposing trust in you. You are your very first fan. If aren’t first confident of achieving an all-A result, no one will. This self-confidence is what would keep you through as you encounter failures on the way.

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Take Out Time to rest

Many people do so much reading that they don’t even make out time to rest. Each time you see them, they are always reading. This is a very beautiful thing to see except that when the consequences of not resting begin to bare themselves, it can be very painful.

As you are intentional about studying, students should be very intentional about rest. Your mind remembers a lot when you have taken sufficient time to rest and of course, it becomes much more feasible to making straight A’s in higher institution.

Choose a Good Place For Reading

In the first place as a student who desires to achieve so much academically, you need to know what kind of learner you are. Understanding how you learn would certainly help you jettison bad reading habits and how to overcome them.

You shouldn’t go to the library simply because you don’t want to be considered an unserious student. Know which place is conducive for you to assimilate things better and faster. In fact, you might need to stay away from the fun places to be just so you can concentrate.

Keep a Good Company of Friends

It takes the company of your friends to know where you have headed academically and even in other areas of your life. Since you desire to bag an all-A result, it is only sensible that your inner circle should share that same ambition.

Many times, you can lose the drive to pursue that academic dream, but, having a friend who is also a stickler for academic excellence can ignite your low spirit. It is no brainer that if you are desirous of making straight A’s in higher institution, your inner circle of friends should share in the same desire.

Read Sufficiently

The number of hours that should be invested in studying can be tricky especially if you are interested in making straight A’s in higher institutions.

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To be very honest, there is a one-size-fits-all rule to this. What is most important here is what kind of student are you? Answering the question is absolutely key to qualifying what is sufficient reading for you.

People take up challenges to read for hours because they heard the best student does so. Whilst it is good to be motivated to do better, we must own our uniqueness. 

Spend Your Time Wisely

Both the few who are making straight A’s in higher institution and those who don’t share one thing at least in common. You guessed right! It is time.

They both have twenty-four hours in the day. But, what clearly differentiates these two students is their time management. The reality of things is that we all do things with our time, but, the main issue is always what exactly do we do with our time? It isn’t enough to do the right things, but, are they being done at the right time?

Expand Your Horizons

We started this list of secrets to making straight A’s in higher institution with the mind, it is only fitting we end with the mind. Apart from setting a target, most students set very small goals. Out of fear, they limit what they can achieve.

For whatever reason, they just want to play small in the name of keeping their heart from heartbreak. Well, what they forget to consider is: what if they set those goals and smash them? Yes, do you see yourself making straight A’s in higher institution?

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