Full List of Accredited Science Courses in Nigeria

There are a good number of accredited science courses in Nigeria that you can study in the university, polytechnic, or any other tertiary institution. In this article, you will discover these accredited science courses in Nigeria.

You can rest assured that any accredited science courses listed here are approved by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB). Meanwhile, JAMB is the body in charge of conducting the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME).

But, before we dig deeper into these accredited science courses in Nigeria, we will take a ride to the origin of science and why these accredited science courses in Nigeria are the best options if you wish to study a course at the university.

Science is from the Latin word “Scientia,” meaning knowledge. Science is the knowledge that is gained through study and practice. Science could also refer to the entire body of knowledge touching objective and verifiable laws discovered by the scientific method.

You must have been wondering what is in for students who study accredited science courses in Nigeria. The truth is science is intermingled into our everyday lives. Even the minutest decisions we make are informed by scientific knowledge. 

Besides, a trip down memory lane would reveal how science as a field was instrumental to developing nations like Germany, Russia, and even the United States. Every society rises and falls based on the scientific knowledge available to them. The developed nations owe their prosperity to science.

Finally, imagine a world without light or even water. Science has remarkably made way for the interconversion of various forms of energy. This breakthrough, in turn, has provided employment opportunities for those who studied some of these accredited science courses in Nigeria.

Accredited Science Courses in Nigeria
Accredited Science Courses in Nigeria

List of Accredited Science Courses in Nigeria

Archaeology (Single Honour)

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Parasitology And Entomology

Animal And Environmental Biology

Anthropology (Biological)

Applied Botany

Applied Ecology

Applied Zoology

Applied Geophysics

Applied Geology

Applied Biology

Applied Biochemistry

Applied Chemistry

Applied Biology And Biochemistry

Applied Microbiology And Brewing

Applied Mathematics With Statistics

Applied Statistics

Applied Microbiology

Applied Biology And Biotechnology

Artificial Intelligence

Aquaculture And Fisheries Management


Biodiversity Conservation & Utilization


Biological Science(s)



Botany And Microbiology

Botany And Ecological Studies


Building Technology

Cell Biology And Genetics


Chemistry And Applied Chemistry

Chemical And Industrial Chemistry

Chemical Sciences

Combined Physical Sciences

Communication And Wireless Technology

Computer Engineering

Computer Electronics

Computer With Electronics

Computer Science

Computer Science With Accounting

Computer With Statistics

Computer And Economics

Computer Science With Economics

Computer Science With Islamic Religious Studies

Computer Science And Mathematics

Computational Analysis

Computer, Information, And Communication Science

Computer Science And Informatics

Computer Science And Information Science

Computer Science And Information Technology

Computer Science And Accounting

Communications Technology

Conservation Biology

Cognitive Science

Cyber Security Science

Data Management

Earth Science


Ecology And Environmental Studies


Electronics And Computer Technology

Engineering Physics

Energy Studies

Energy And Petroleum Studies

Environmental Biology And Fisheries

Environmental Management

Environmental Management And Toxicology

Environmental Science

Environmental Science And Technology

Estate Management

Environmental Biology

Exercise And Sport Science

Fisheries And Aquatic Biology

Fisheries And Aquaculture


Food Science And Technology

Forensic Science

Genetics And Biotechnology


Geography And Geosciences



Geology And Exploration Geophysics

Geology And Petroleum Studies

Geology And Mining

Geology And Geo-physics

Geography And Environmental Management

Geography/Regional Planning

Geography And Planning

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Geology And Earth Sciences

Geology And Mineral Science

Geological Sciences


Hardware And Networking

Industrial And Environmental Chemistry

Industrial Chemistry

Industrial Physics


Natural And Environmental Science

Sport Science

Science Laboratory Technology

Pure Chemistry

Pure And Applied Chemistry

Petroleum Chemistry

Pure And Industrial Chemistry


Physics With Electronics

Physics And Computer Electronics

Physics Electronics

Physics With Material Science

Physics With Solar Energy

Physics/Industrial Physics

Physics With Computational Modeling


Physical Sciences

Plant Science

Industrial Physics With Renewable Energy

Industrial Physics With Applied Geophysics

Industrial Physics With Electronics And Its Application

Industrial Mathematics

Industrial Mathematics/ Applied Statistics

Industrial Mathematics/ Computer

Pure mathematical Sciences

Applied Biology

Human Biology

Mathematics/ Computer Science

Mathematics With Statistics

Mathematics/ Statistics

Mathematics And Statistics

Information Science And Media Studies

Library And Information Science

Laboratory Technology

Telecommunication Science

Telecommunication And Wireless Technology

Management Information System

Information Technology

Information And Communication Technology

Information And Communication Science


Mathematics And Economics

Pure And Applied Mathematics

Industrial Microbiology

Microbiology And Industrial Biotechnology

Molecular Biology


Earth Science

Mathematics With Computer Science

Marine Science And Technology


Zoology And Environmental Biology


Statistics With Demography

Statistics/ Computer Science

Surveying And Geoinformatics


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Getting admission into any university to study any of these accredited courses in Nigeria implies that the prospective student should have at least five credits in either WASSCE or SSCE within two sittings.

These five credits must include Mathematics, English, and Chemistry. The two leaves can be Biology, Agricultural Science, Geography, or Physics. This depends on the particular science course.

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The UTME and post-UTME results are also considered before admission is given, but this time, it is dependent on the university of your choice. Direct Entry students aren’t exempted too. They ought to have upper credits in the Cambridge A level.

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